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Have you tried contacting Amazon Customer Service with your concerns?
Trust me, Amazon doesn't want to do this to their customers but are being forced to do so by the government. In fact the US Government is looking at all of e-commerce with regards to taxes since e-commerce is becoming big business. Also, state and local merchants are starting to complain that places like Amazon have an "un-fair" advantage because they aren't charging taxes, which helps keep their pricing low, and thus take business away for the locals.

To fight back, more and more places like Best Buy are price matching places like Amazon. I now find that I can go into my local Best Buy and purchase items at Amazon's price, plus taxes of course. They get the sale, I get my item right there and then, and the taxes usually balance out say 1 day shipping.

Win-Win for me and the locals, provided they have the item(s) I'm looking for.