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Ah! He didn't seem to be acting dick-like. I kinda liked whoever it was. Oh well you guys know best! Keep us safe from Trolls!
Most of the time, the banned person deserved it. But every once in a while, it's a case of an overzealous moderator banning because of personal issues. Happened to me before. If they don't like someone, they'll misread or misinterpret his posts and ban him. In my case, a user made the statement that iOS devices never ever have wifi and other connectivity issues. As a counter argument, I linked him to half a dozen threads on iphone and ipad users having wifi connectivity issues. A moderator that I had previously had a personal problem with banned me on the account that I was advertising iphones and trying to sell them. I emailed the administrator of that forum and had it cleared up. The mod that did that to me eventually lost his mod status for abuse.

Anyway, I read through some of the posts by the banned party and couldn't really see anything that jumped out at me. In fact, some were pretty informative.