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View Poll Results: Do you use a 3rd party "Start Menu" program?

30. You may not vote on this poll
  • Yes

    12 40.00%
  • No

    18 60.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by walex View Post
    Sorry, an answer to the poll, yes I suppose it could skew the poll, but all in all the the result would indicate % of users who do or don't use a [3rd party] start menu. If they answer using your correct logic.


    Point well time i will consider more carefully my selection of answers....

    Yes, the first quote from you above is another thing I was getting at--if that is really what your want to know. WRT the second, it's very difficult to construct polls/questionnaires that get at what the pollster really wants to know. If you want to classify it as such, your "mistake" was an easy one to make under the circumstances.

    I am not sure how many don't use a "start" menu (i.e., either 3rd party or metro) for the most part, but maybe they will identify themselves, and, if they voted, indicate how they voted.

    At this point, your poll results might be interpreted, for example, as follows:

    Yes (uses a 3rd party start menu predominantly) = 6
    No (uses metro start menu predominantly) = 7 less 1 or 2 = 6 or 5
    No (uses something else predominantly, e.g., a toolbar of shortcuts) = 1 or 2

    Of course, this interpretation is not completely without problem.

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    Someone did a poll awhile back.

    I use Start8. I know the Windows 8 gushers all think the Start screen is a good substitute, but it's really not. With one click you have access to so many things with a start menu, not just programs. Seems like from the Start screen you either have to know what to type to find it, or go fishing, if it's not a tile visible on your screen.
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    I started with Windows 3.1, and I consider Windows 8 to be the most enjoyable of all of them. But I added the Classic Shell Start Button, and I use it often.
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    I use Start8 and spend a lot of time in purely desktop mode. My machine a Sony VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook/tablet. Yet somehow I've been using it as my software development machine at work. That environment is strictly desktop. Familiarity is important to me. I spend my life using Microsoft development tools, and the last thing I need is trying to struggle with where all of my programs are located.

    There's probably no one on these forums who is more a fan of touch than I am. But I'm also a master of the keyboard, and can be very productive with it. Yet I find the start screen curiously lacking. For example on Android tablets, there are replacement program launchers that allow hierarchical folders. I'm beside myself wondering why Microsoft didn't think of this. Yes they do sort of have a group folder when viewing all apps, but it's only one level deep.

    Microsoft still has a chance to win me over. I personally like the tiles, but I think they will have to much functionality out. I think they could still have a fully touched based start screen but yet keep some of the folder hierarchies removed from the old start button. Also the start screen does not have a scroll position memory. Often I scroll all the way to the right to select an app, yet when I go back the start screen, the tiles are all the way to the left and I have to scroll all the way to the right to get back to where I want to be. The start button and Windows 7 had that sort of scroll position memory. When you bring up the Windows 7 start button agai,n it at least scrolls so the previous folder is still visible. These are the things that I hope Microsoft addresses with the Windows Blue release. But I'm not holding my breath.

    All I really do like touch and I like tiles, and yes with a mouse! My examples above show how I think that Microsoft did it halfway. They really can address some of the usability issues without throwing the whole Metro interface away. Microsoft doesn't need to backtrack, they simply need to finish the job.
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    Yes skallal, I and others feel the same way. I feel that Microsoft should have a disclaimer when "metro" loads
    as follows"WORK IN PROGRESS". It is not work friendly and more geared to " get in get out" type uses like a
    phone or tablet.

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    I never did like the Start Menu. Found it easier to pin my programs to the desktop. With the new Start Screen all those icons are now neatly arranged on my Start Screen and just a couple on the Task bar and now have a beautiful lady on my Desktop. Uncluttered eye candy.

    Click image for larger version

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    I vote not using a 3rd Party Start Menu.
    Start Screen is far more usable and customizable that Start Menu, although I miss the start button.
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    I spent a whopping $5 on "Start 8" because the desktop looked "naked" without the orb sitting there in the corner of the task bar emitting it a nice comforting glow. No technical reason, no arguments ... I just wanted the thing and had the 5 bucks. Don't like it? Go bark up another tree! ;-) I'm old enough to do things without having to justify them to anyone.

    So there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Peck View Post
    I'm old enough to do things without having to justify them to anyone.

    So there!


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    I don't.

    The Start Screen does all the menu could do.
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