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Windows 8 -- Don't dump your MSFT stock just yet

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    Windows 8 -- Don't dump your MSFT stock just yet

    Hi everybody
    The demise of MS is as usual vastly over-hyped -- especially by fans of the "Fruit Company".

    However I think this article shows a bit more realism.

    A Techie's Guide to the Future of Microsoft - AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, ORCL, VMW - Foolish Blogging Network


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    Oh my gosh, people that say Microsoft is going to end are just deranged or something. Seriously, even without Windows, they still have profit revenue elsewhere. That's the reason why Microsoft is so successful, they have a fork type of business strategy, where they have different ways to explore for profits for they have products and services people NEED and WANT. apple has that type of thing, but it's not as expansive as Microsoft, but the thing here is that people can only afford to pay for "high end" for so long and go for the next runner up.

    I'm personally considering Nokia stock. It's been shooting like a weed for almost a week due to strong and healthy demand of the Lumia 920 and a stronger global launch for Windows Phone 8 over 7.
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    Without Windows? Are you serious?

    That's the main product if you ask me, so there will always be Windows doesn't matter on what device you put it.
    If there's no Windows anymore then you can say that something bad happened there with the MS business.

    The biggest thing that would approach me to a fruit company is when they alter/replace the grey pessimistic interface I see.
    Maybe I'm not a targeted consumer then, so that depends on user taste right?

    Yeah we need to take a broader look before we say something goes bad or not.
    I don't like speculations in general.

    Taking the power users out of the picture, in the end we'll be running any OS that becomes number one, that's what the average joe would do anyway.

    Article in OP:
    The 21st century industrial revolution has already begun. All because of an incredible invention that's made in America.
    Sounds good. But makes me curious when or if it's gonna happen. How are you gonna compete with "made in China" just looking at production prices?

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    Maybe the stock isn't hyped because nobody expects MS to suddenly grow.

    At around 10 times earnings - earnings which look very safe for several years, it isn't much of a gamble with decent dividends, but litlle prospect of your share price suddenly rising dramatically.

    Apple was the opposite. There was great expectation of rapid growth in the portable/tablet sectors, and Apple would have been the chief beneficiary - growing as fast as the sectors.

    That kind of rapid sector growth now doesn't look very likely in the next couple of years, and the Android offerings are looking strong - hence the Apple stock price drops.
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    Office is Microsoft's cash cow, as the enterprise can't live without it, and it's literally the gold-platinum alloy standard of Office software there is. They can take that an evolve it out to android and ios if Windows isn't there. But right now, it seems Office on ios is a no-go right now, as apple wants a 30 percent cut on SkyDrive cloud subscriptions, something that isn't even done within the app itself.

    That's a foot shooting move on apple's behalf...
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    Guess I'll just hold on to them. Was thinking about using them as fire starters. . .
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    Nokia's doing better, which is also good for M$!
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    That Nokia stock price!
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Windows 8 -- Don't dump your MSFT stock just yet
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