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Got pulled over the other night on I-75 in Ohio!

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    Got pulled over the other night on I-75 in Ohio!

    Coming back from my buddy's birthday party in Findlay, OH last night, I was driving a little fast (85 in a 65mph zone) and an Ohio State Trooper pulled over my MazdaSpeed3. I expected the worst and I kept my hands on the wheel, with my fingers up and when the officer came up to the window I said "Officer, I have a concealed pistol license and I have a pistol with me". He asked me where the gun was and then asked me to step out of the car slowly.

    He was extremely polite and then asked me if I was a veteran (I have a Persian Gulf plate) and then asked me to come back to his car and show my license and CPL. We made small talk and he was polite and told me the speed limit was 65 and I was going "much faster than that", which I was... He asked me to slow it down, drive safely and have a good evening. I thanked him and wished him well and went back to the car.

    Beth and I were both very happy that I didn't get a ticket and I watched my speed carefully the rest of the way home (and today, too). After I got pulled over, I noticed cops all over the stretch of road between Perrysburg and Toledo, at least 6 patrol cars.

    I've never gotten a break in Ohio before, so I was shocked (and happy).

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    It's nice to see some people get lucky. While I don't speed, I did get pulled over once for running a red light and crossing train tracks where the signs were malfunctioning. Sadly, I didn't get a warning either time, but instead got tickets.
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    That's some luck right there Last time I got pulled over was a couple months ago on my way to a car show. Turns out the Cop just wanted to check out my Edsel. I was freaking out though thinking "man this boat can't be speeding, it would take two miles to get up to 65 MPH" LOL!!

    My Sister and her family used to live in Findlay, they now live in Pandora. I think my Brother In Law still teaches in Findlay...

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    I would had flashed him your red Lumia 920!

    I've been pulled over several times for speeding, NOT ONE TICKET! Seriously! In my years of driving, I've only had a citation for expired registration. It was REALLY expired, by a year. Totally flew over my head. The state trooper that pulled me over, like a midnight, would had let me off (probably because I was compliant and made him laugh) but it was expired by a year.

    Another time recently, I was in SUCH a rush one morning and I was getting on the highway and I realized I forgot something at home, I Grand Theft Automobiled back, which meant speeding though a school zone in the morning, and got pulled over. I was actually going like 43 miles an hour in a 25 school zone, but normally 35, but the cop didn't realize that and let me off. I have a tendency for cops to just let me off when I honestly should had got a ticket.
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    I've gotten out of three tickets in the last 5 years, or so... Once in the old Porsche 911, and I was delivering a case of beer to my dad on Father's Day and twice in my MazdaSpeed3... Each time, the cop asked about my military service (I have a Persian Gulf license plate), then they let me off with a warning. I'm being much more careful now...
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    I'm 38 and have been pulled over a total of 3 times in my life, resulting in 3 tickets. Unsure how you guys get out of these tickets, or get stopped so much.
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    Nothing is guaranteed, but I have read that if you get out of your car, keeping your hands in plain sight, the officer is more likely to give you a break.
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    I drive a lot (24-30k miles a year, so I'm more likely to get pulled over, plus I do drive fast!

    My brother and father were both cops/detectives before they retired and they both said "NEVER GET OUT OF THE CAR UNLESS THE LEO ASKS YOU TO". Getting out of the car can be seen as an aggressive move and is guaranteed to get the officer to have his hand on his sidearm because they don't know you or how sane you are. They have to assume the worst....
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    I drive a lot and have coined the term into a verb of "Grand Theft Automobiling." My front right tire is getting bald a bit as I do a LOT of fast left turns, (to save gas to keep momentum) driven at an excess of 130 miles an hour at night, almost flipped over on a back road because I needed to stop and check my Nokia Maps app and didn't want to slow down fast oncoming traffic behind me (I pulled over on the side of the road and the side was grassy and deceiving and sloped down A LOT, lot of dirt spewed and a state trooper ahead of me came over to me), I've almost ran off the road a few times taking a fast turn sometimes underestimating how slick the road is when wet, and almost died in a head-on collision on the highway as some jackwagon was driving in the WRONG BLOODY LANE at night! Grand Theft Automobile skills I've accumulated saved my person and two of my friends and a helium balloon!

    Also, cops have a tendency of following me, I HATE it. I don't know if it's because I drive a lot where they patrol or what, but gee does it get the nerves going!

    My car is a silver 1990 Mazda 626 hatchback, very interesting looking and a VERY rare car to find in the US as Mazda only exported that model for two years from Japan to the US.

    I guess the reason why I get out of tickets so often is due to some simple principles. First, turn on the hazards, so everyone can see that there's a car pulled over other than the cop's car, makes it a little more safer for them. Second, when stopping after being pulled over, I immediately whip out my registration and proof of insurance and get my license out so by the time the cop comes over, you can hand all of it over to him right away, time saver for them. Third, while getting documents ready, turn off, down or pause the music playing and make sure your phone isn't in your hands and off. Fourth, keep your car clean inside and out, ESPECIALLY the inside. Nothing is more potentially hazardous for an officer than a cluttered car interior that could have illegal drugs or weapons that can be used on them. Also, it takes a concentrated effort to keep your car clean, meaning it signals to the cop, as well as others, that you're responsible and you do care. A well maintained exterior helps as well, but if it's winter or fall, it doesn't matter too much. The clean interior shows that you're responsible, but you had a traffic slip out, all great perfect people make mistakes! Fifth, don't argue or dispute, accept that you speed or violated a traffic law. If you KNOW FOR A FACT that you didn't, you can dispute if you have an arguable case, which you'll take to court and not to the officer. Arguing, being hostile, or refusing to owe up to your mistake won't help any. And lastly, if you can, make them laugh! Everyone likes to laugh, I bet cops like a good laugh as much as a professional comedian. Cops will usually assume the worst about whoever they pull over, if you can make it easier and more comfortable on them, they'll be more prone to let you off with a warning.

    This is fact that I know as being a competent person and have experienced. That's what I think is the reason why I have yet to get a traffic ticket. I've even once was at a party this past summer, and some cops showed up next door for other reasons and say my car was illegally parked. I kind of dispute that claim, but I was talking to the officer that was questioning me about what was going on next door and I mentioned that I was told my car was illegally parked, totally didn't care. But it was like one in the morning, no one cares.
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    Maah... There is no such thing as Speed Limit in Indonesia.
    There may be a sign of the speed limit, but ALL people will disobey it, like:
    "A Car cruises at 140 km/h while the max. speed limit is 80 km/h"
    "A Truck cruises at 30 km/h while the min. speed limit is 60 km/h".
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Got pulled over the other night on I-75 in Ohio!
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