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Anyone else her play a musical instrument?

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    Very nice, Art! Is that still your Slingerland kit? Looks like you rearranged it a bit if true. The bass drum looks moved, unless it's the camera angle.

    You resurrected an old thread. I miss some of these members on here!

    Played a French horn in drum and bugle corps as a teenager. Terrible tone I had, so I played 3rd part in that section! Great at marching, though. They would use a squad of us to teach the newbies common drill formations.

    Tried keyboard and guitar, but I have two right hands! Seems most of the family is that way, so we took up singing. Barbershop and church choirs. Do some karaoke now. Not the best, but not the worst either.

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    I Played piano for several years, but my forte was classical guitar. My favorite ax was a D28 Martin

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    My 12pc Slingerland set never leaves the house, so this is the old church set that was "retired" earlier this year. I had to fix quite a few things and add my stands, pedals and cymbals to it, so the only Sonor parts are the drums themselves. I could never sing or play any other instrument, so I envy those who can sing and play! I've been playing the drums for at least 45 years, off and on. This "gig" is an annual family party and it's very large (500 people), catered food and open bar, etc... The band's regular drummer is unavailable, so I'm sitting in for him. I haven't played anywhere but church for over 20 years, so this should be different!

    My wife plays the piano/keyboard and sings, our daughter plays the piano and cello and our son plays everything and sings. His band is very good. Look up "Dandelion Brigade" on Vimeo and you 'll hear him, he's the big, bearded guy playing the bass... There's a musical instrument in almost every room in our house!!
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