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New Company, New Operating System

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    Never been to Heaven......
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    Dual Boot: Back to W7 and Ubuntu 12.04

    Not real good at much LOL, but I will be more than happy to try to break something in alpha and beta as well as hardware limits and testing compatibility (when I am not on smoke break)

    Plus I have the power of being a giant @ssh*(e, so that should help my promotion chances...... (That's how it works where I am employed anyway )


    Edit: I am a musician and do home recording so I could throw my hat in the ring to do the startup music and other various sounds, (thinking some nice clean acoustic guitar sounds mostly, then go for some heavy riffs, and raunchy chords, for errors)

    Edit 2: Company name could be something like Octadic Group LLC, because we are on the 8 forums

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    Windows 7 Ult Reatil & Win 8 Pro OEM

    Good stuff Geeve420, now this thread is really starting to "rock n' roll" with you on board!

    Cheers M
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    Thanks, M. Yes, management is that simple. It's reading people and knowing their individual talents to place them at the right task relating to that talent. I'm a middle child of twelve. The go-between of eleven other personalities. I've was reading personalities at an early age.

    Being the go-between I was caught in the middle of many a sibling dispute to help settle. Emotions abundant! Once emotions settle down, I simply presented the facts. The argument gets settled. I guess one could say it was my family "job". Lol!

    War effort -> On the other hand, if an outsider attacked the family, watch out! Instant unification. They put there differences aside in a hurry. Lol! Believe me, there's power in numbers!

    Anywho, there certainly is enough talent on this forum to create an OS. I've concluded I'd be better fit for design. I hear the complaints of most. There are valid points of both pro and con. I'm sure all know that in any endeavour, one begins to see big picture.

    I think we have reached a new era of computing. Coinciding with the introduction and market demand for touch, we also have this thirst for instantaneous business, social, and world information. That's why I think MS introduced the Start Screen. It makes perfect sense to me. An ingenious idea to me.

    I hear those say it doesn't fit the business production scenario, mainly because of screen real estate. "The Start Screen takes me away from my desktop!" I agree. That's why the dual-monitor / multi-pane idea of mine.

    The introduction of gadgets in Vista was a novel idea. They introduced the thirst for instantaneous information, whether it be information of the system or outside information. So what did we do? We cluttered our desktops with them only to hide them with open windows. The screen real estate problem began with Vista when we think about it. 7 was worse with the elimination of the side bar. Gadgets galore!

    I've used a PC to run a small construction business, mostly estimating, bidding, contracts, and light book keeping. I'll have an Excel workbook, a browser, an estimating program, and Notepad open. I use flip instead of sizing windows. I'll praise the day I get my second monitor!

    I have never worked in a productive high-traffic networked office situation, so I won't pretend to know. I've walked through and seen them. I just don't understand how anyone could be productive with just one monitor. Perhaps a Pro could fill me in.

    Yes. I get long-winded!
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    I'll take endpoint security!
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