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Yahoo Finance Very Negative nearly Dooming article on MS

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    Yahoo Finance Very Negative nearly Dooming article on MS

    Steve Ballmer's Nightmare Is Coming True - Yahoo! Finance

    I dont follow some of this enough to know how right/wrong they are but they basically doom MS in every sector they can. Even going as far to say that it isnt worth it for MS to invest in the Xbox platform anymore. Here are there 10 points, you can read the details at the link for each one. Note that their last "point" is a direct shot at Ballmer.

    1. The iPad eats the consumer PC market.

    2. Employees gradually switch away from using Windows PCs for work.

    3. Windows 8 fails to stop the iPad.

    4. Loyal developers start to leave the Microsoft platform.

    5. Windows Phone gets no traction despite the Nokia deal and RIM's collapse.

    6. Office loses relevance.

    7. Microsoft's other business applications start to erode.

    8. The platform business collapses.

    9. The Xbox was never going to make up the slack, and Microsoft can no longer afford to keep investing in it.

    10. Microsoft suffers a huge quarterly loss. Ballmer retires to play golf.

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    That article must have been written by a 14 year old. A quick search contradicts the first point immediately: Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments Grew 1.9 Percent in First Quarter of 2012.
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    It's a headline troller. Nothing really to see here - you could say the same about Apple, as they've got execs jumping ship, dumping stock, etc. The stock price of any company reflects it's believed ability to grow / execute as well as current and past performance, although it seems the former carries far more weight. Microsoft's problem isn't necessarily it's products or it's performance, it's the leadership and the street's view of that reflects in the stock pricing. The only thing in that article that makes any sense is that, and even that's a bit of a stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray8 View Post
    That article must have been written by a 14 year old. A quick search contradicts the first point immediately: Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments Grew 1.9 Percent in First Quarter of 2012.
    It also says it was demand for professional PCs and that consumer sales fell. Shame Microsoft have stopped producing a professional OS to go on those machines!
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    Wow, that article is a bit skewed isn't it? Yeah, the VERY same can be said of apple.

    1. The new iphone 5 wasn't anything revolutionary and makes apple look like a volume shipper and not an innovation shipper, therefore competitors like android and Windows Phone are making tides against it in terms of innovation and cost.

    2. apple tv ain't going to happen and to think it can work is foolish.

    3. The ipad mini wouldn't had ever happened in a steve jobs apple, yet it did and is just another ios screen that doesn't nothing more or less better than an ipod touch and ipad.

    4. Instead of milking the last few drops in the tween market for ipods, they could had taken the ipod nano (the last generation) and started a smartwatch wave.

    5. The mac is getting more pricy, more difficult to repair, and the only innovation in the mac lineup is higher resolution screens and thinness.

    6. apple's weak attempt at a maps app when they had a year left with google goes to show how their new management is jumping the gun and willing to release a shoddy product, something that again would had never had the approval of steve jobs.

    7. Even the co-founder of apple is concerned that Microsoft is becoming more innovative than apple, MICROSOFT.

    8. apple's stock becomes too overhyped, when investors realize their new management isn't pushing hard on innovation like before, the hype ends and investors leave. An all time high of 702 dollars is where now? And after how long?

    9. Seeing as how ios is literally almost more than half their business, any competition such as Windows 8 tablet PCs and android tablets as well as Windows Phone and android smartphones, they can't afford to release a bad product but face having to do something risky to make them relevant in an age where apple's competition has quickly reached apple and may in fact out pace them. I'm sorry, but an OS with a totally different UI that looks unique, modern and different is traditionally an apple thing, not a Microsoft thing.

    10. Even worse, people might leave apple as they're becoming fatigued with hundreds of dollars of new product upgrades that really aren't worthwhile, apple release like two ipads this year, both of which don't really constitute a real need to upgrade. Fundamentally, a company that has been revered as innovative now has some investors questioning that. Their new CEO tim cook isn't a steve jobs, he's like a Steve Ballmer: a number cruncher and not a programmer or designer. As history has shown, when the company's founder leaves his leadership role, the company goes down. It happened when Bill Gates left and Ballmer came in, a stock price of well over 60 dollars is now at barely 30 dollars a share and it's been a good decade now. tim cook appears to be no different, making the decision to release a bad map app, executives being fired, two ipads in a year and rumored release of another soon, an ipad mini that steve jobs wouldn't had ever allowed, releasing a thin imac that really isn't worth the upgrade, and defining innovation as thin, light and retina display may well send apple on the road to the '90s where they had failed product release after failed product release and their life long competitor, Microsoft, took over the PC market in an operating system release that was the biggest of its kind.
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