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things one does while waiting for pc to fix itself........

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    things one does while waiting for pc to fix itself........

    ok, got nailed by windows update(on windows 8), which seems to have screwed me over.. I'm currently, after trying the few things I felt it safe enough to do with my admittedly limited knowhow of the OS, waiting for it to do a reset to factory specs.. see here for what I've done.. stuck on lock screen after updates

    and i had the inspired thought to start a thread.

    what do you do to pass the time, when you're waiting for the computer to fix itself after something like this?

    for me? I'm presently playing dead or alive dimensions on my nintendo 3ds..and am working off some frustration in the process.

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    Hmm, I usually do some internet surfing to kill the time. Or, I just watch one of my shows.
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    LOL on your other post, xraiderv1! A real Rembrandt of forum art!

    Yesterday afternoon and this morning I had to redo my daughter's Toshiba lappy. It was at least five to six hours total to scan it for AV using Defender, found a nasty worm that screwed default opening up of .exe files, research that for a cure, recover her personal files to load on DVDs (20 minutes to transfer her pics alone - another 20 to load back on - slow player), and reset to out-of-the-box condition from a hidden recovery partition that luckily Toshiba has! That took two hours to load. Then uninstall the out-of-date AV and some other crapware. Load Security Essentials and CCleaner. Do another full scan, CCleaner scans, and defrag. Walla! Like new!

    Spent most of today on the forum helping some, welcoming some, and posting my profound opinion.

    But your post art made my day complete!

    Is your refresh complete?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie
    Do another full scan, CCleaner scans, and defrag. Walla! Like new!
    LOL! I am needing to format my broken PC within another week. Still stressing over it, but formatting takes a while and I've had a phone call every 25 minutes! GAHHH!
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    reset actually, as refresh broke a few things inadvertantly, like the live tile for my nook pc app, and the fact my weather app wasnt displaying info on the lock screen despite being set that way my yours truly.

    it was completed by..oh....gonna guess and say 10am-ish? somewhere in there abouts.

    took me an hour after that to redo what took me in 2 days, a grand total of 8 hours to do off and on. that 8 hours was spent by me learning the ins and outs of the system.

    pending deciding whether to install google chrome or not, all I need to do really is move my files in.

    *grabs nintendo 3ds* hmm... mariokart 7 sounds like a winner, relaxation wise tonight....
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