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    cloud computing

    I don't really understand that. Whats its for? How it work? Who its for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by intel 4004 View Post
    I don't really understand that. Whats its for? How it work? Who its for?
    Welcome to Eight Forums intel 4004. Basically, currently you have your programs and services, and store your documents and pictures and stuff on your PC at home. In cloud computing you would just access those things online. They would be stored elsewhere, and you would access them using a browser of some sort, like you access a website now. The idea is you wouldn't need as much storage, nor would you have to have programs like office programs, or picture editors. instead you would access your data online where you could perform the actions you wished. Conceivably, you wouldn't need as powerful of a PC since the processing would happen on the online servers. Google has online apps now for example. I found this video, which breaks it down in a simple manner.

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