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    Quote Originally Posted by PCmannen View Post
    Cold boot 9 seconds.
    From that I press the power button to the start menu is complete and click
    the Internet icon and then open google, it takes 9 seconds
    And you use SSSD?
    (Super Solid State Drive)

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    My sister's HP Envy m4 takes around 5 seconds cold boot (Windows 8 "hybrid" cold boot + uefi secure boot enabled of course) with a 1 TB 5400 RPM. UEFI is amazing. The laptop literally gets less than 1/2 second to post to the Windows 8 boot screen. There's also around 10 startup programs in addition.
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    What is every one using to measure the bootup time?
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    Stopwatch maybe?
    Using Hybrid Boot,Boot from shutdown is literally faster than boot from hibernate, Nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfisher6522 View Post
    What is every one using to measure the bootup time?
    Normally, the tool mentioned in begin of this thread.
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    I see no mention of a tool or link to a tool download in the beginning of this thread.
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    I have no idea, I do know it's fast but I don't have anything to use to time it.
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    For some reason (not sure why) I really don't care how fast it boots up. When I get up I walk to my Office turn on the computer then go get some breakfast, and do my morning things, thus the computer is up and running when I get back to the office about half an hour to a hour later. . . .
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    I always wonder about comparisons of boot times. At what point is each you posting a boot time starting your timer? For example, do you start it at first notice of the Windows OS startup sequence. Or, do you start it a first notice of any screen activity whatsoever. And, at what point is each of you stopping your timer? When the login screen comes up? When you get to the point where you somehow know you have a useable screen? Or, when, all apparent startup activities end? Or, from an overall perspective, are you using event viewer to time the process?

    Looks to me like the measurement process would have to be standardized to get any meaningful comparisons. Ater all, we are talking about mere seconds and potentially even more mere fractions of seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfisher6522 View Post
    I see no mention of a tool or link to a tool download in the beginning of this thread.
    I forgot the name of the tool too. But if you want to scout, there was a similar thread on the sevenforums where the tool was mentioned.
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