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Classic Old British TV series DVD's

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    Classic Old British TV series DVD's

    Hi there
    to everybody who is getting totally fed up with modern TV with its mindless sets of "Reality Shows",endless puerile quiz games and incredibily awful "Celebs" -- you can take a "Blast into the past" by getting some excellent DVD's from British TV when plots were written by people who actually had talent and didn't assume their audience had an IQ of about 7.

    Some examples --Department S --Peter Wyngarde -- you'd just die for the dress styles those people had back then
    Edgar Wallace -- excellent writer
    ITV's world beating "Armchair Theatre" series

    etc etc

    Network DVD

    I already enjoy some of the Older US series too such as "The Invaders - Roy thinnes", 77 Sunset strp etc. You'll have to get the classic US shows from a different site though --not sure if they have an equivalent to the UK site though as back then there were only 2 channels in the UK and copyright was easier to manage..

    Take a trip back to nostalgia if you watched some of these back in your youth. If you never saw some of these then you should have a look and see how BAD TV has become these days -- OK the technics are better but a good story line is STILL 100% THE MOST IMPORTANT hence the popularity of channels like TCM (Turner Classic Movies).


    I love Peter Wyngards "Tache" and hairstyle --can't grow those myself one like that myself though.

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    Very interesting, I might look into it further. I've been considering finding some older, classic films as I'm getting to the realization that literally every movie nowadays has something blowing up, kidnapping, or some other that categorizes it as action. Or then there is some lovey-dovey drama over the SAME premise! It just feels too generic these days, sometimes there are the gems though which are nice.

    In my opinion the '90s where the last hurrah of good television after it went downhill with people getting "reality" TV shows because they hit their five minutes of fame and now have a TV show. BLEH!!
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