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Got my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone last night...

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    Low light pics from last night

    I've got the battery drain issues under control and last night my wife and I took our daughter and exchange student out for dinner. Here are a couple very low light shots. It was "candlelight only", so the Nokia flash really startled everyone. I won't be doing that again!!
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    Thanks for the report, Art, but please don't leave us in suspence. What was it that was draining it?

    And I see another lucky girl that lQQks more like her mother.
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    I believe it was the Nokia Drive beta app. I uninstalled it and several other apps and stopped the beckground updates and the battery drain stopped. I'm not ready to say the problem is resolved... yet... Maybe in a week.
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    Some apps will always run in the background, like weather apps usually. Most of the times, you can go within the app's settings and disable its live tile and/or notifications, which kills the background process. The applications heading under Settings sometimes kills them, but not always. Some apps, like news or weather apps, you'd probably want refreshing their live tiles. Others, like Nokia Drive, probably don't need the live tile running.

    That's strange that background processes are actually draining your battery... My Lumia 900 has a few background processes running and the battery life is still about the same as the day I technically bought it. Have you tried turning off the NFC chip? I've read that some Lumia 920s have that issue where for some reason NFC drains out the battery, but with it off it's back to normal.
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    Yes, all good points! I also disabled the NFC feature since I will never use it...
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    Battery life is great now. All day and I'm at 65% after 13 hours. Light-medium usage...
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    That's good. Are you going to load them on one by one so as to test? There's a method to my madness here. You work out all the bugs so when Cokie and I get ours we'll know what's up. Just thinking of your buddies!
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    Yep, I'll add them at a rate of one a week and take notes so I remember when things go awry. So far, there's just a small problem with videos and besides that, the phone is perfect. I don't install a bunch of apps, just LinkedIn, Facebook, and a few others...
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    Talk about a problem with videos. You know that song (I think Adam Sandler) s++t car? Well, I'm going to write lyrics for my s++t phone! I just got this 4th replacement about a month ago. I have to reboot it every other day now. I have but a few apps that I installed. EightForums being one. I'm afraid to app it, so I created browser shortcuts like NFL, newspapers, etc. Where I'd rather install apps.

    Initially there was a big problem with YouTube but after some updates it seemed to have work out. After I rebooted today I'm looking songs up and the phone freezes. I now enough to wait to let it work itself out. All of a sudden it goes blank and reboots again! Ugh! It took me all I had not to beat it with a bat!

    I refuse to hard reset it and personalize it again!!!!!

    Rant over.
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    The video issue I'm having is that videos that I copy to the phone from my PC or server played fine until one day last week. Now, I get the same error message on every one of them and they will not play. I recopied the same videos to the phone and they played again, but now I have multiple copies of every video, which isn't good. I used the app to delete all of the videos on the phone, but as soon as I go to the video player on the phone, they're still there! Weird! I'm not at all ready to reset the phone yet...
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