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Got my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 phone last night...

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    This is a good question. How is the battery life?

    And do you have the wireless charging pad too?

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    So far, 12 hours of light use, 8-9 hours of heavier use...
    Not a single dropped call or "reboot" or "freeze up"...
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    I have the wireless charger on order but I haven't received it yet. I'm using a USB charger for now...
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    That seems to be up to par with my Lumia 900 battery wise.
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    It is nice one to go for it. I am trying to sell my 3g mobile and add some funds myself to get Nokia Lumina
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    TechCrunch reported poor battery life.. I wonder what's up with that?
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    Some are saying that it's due to the NFC chip that is draining out the power, more likely just a glitch that will be fixed soon. Probably Nokia will have an update in like two-three weeks.
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    What's running in the background on those, Art?

    My daughter wonders why her battery didn't last long. I told her not to download apps that run or at least take the time to shut them down.
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    I don't seem to have any battery issues on my 920. Sure, with constant use (especially on WiFi), the battery drains pretty quickly, but if I just leave it sitting for the day with the odd phone call or text message, the battery level hardly moves. Of course, the first two days of ownership, when I was installing apps, linking contacts, etc, the battery died really quick
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    I charged ny phone 100% and left the house at 8am, used the phone all day, took lots of pictures and video of our daughter dancing at an assisted care facility (I'll post some low light pics in a moment), etc... and the phone was at 28% battery left at 8pm, 12 hours later, so I'm very satisfied with that. My BIL is an Apply fanboy and he was impressed with the phone, too!!
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