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Visited local stores, dismayed with technology section

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    Visited local stores, dismayed with technology section

    So, today I found myself having to go visit some local stores trying to hunt down a USB to Ethernet adapter. Something simple like this: Cisco-Linksys USB Ethernet Adapter: Electronics

    Unfortunately, stores around me stock nothing like this. Overall, I was shocked with the computer sections in general at stores like Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, etc. It's pathetic, you cannot get anything anymore. And in my current situation, I don't have time to order this part online, as the executive who needs this for a business trip is leaving tomorrow and her ultrabook doesn't include an ethernet port.

    What I did notice in visiting the 3 stores mentioned above
    1). nobody was in the Windows 8 section whatsoever in any of the 3 stores
    2). a few people were playing with the MacBooks at Best Buy.
    3). desktop computers were almost non-existent. Pc's were pretty much laptops
    4). Tablets and accessories for tablets were everywhere
    5). If you needed an adapter or case for your iPhone or iPad, you had about 10,000 choices. If you needed a charger for your device, audio cable for your device, video cable for your device...they had you covered there.

    I realized that desktops were less and less mainstream now...but I didn't realize just how dismal it has become. I would have had as much success had I been searching for a Token Ring adapter.

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    On the win8 devices front - it doesn't look they are selling many in london.

    Not sure why it so dismal - maybe folk aren't yet buying for Xmas- or maybe they just aren't interested.
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    They aren't being properly informed either, to make a properly informed decision.
    Par for the course for a status symbol that is over priced and under equipped.
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    Token Ring! Wow, that takes me back a few years.

    What you are seeing is the same over here. Lack of Win 8 customers in the stores and the staff have had a brief intro to it all from Microsoft but very limited knowledge let alone stock.

    Thank goodness for resources like this forum otherwise Microsoft / customers would probably not be making any progress.

    I notice also in the press that soon as Apple make any movements it's headlines all the way. When Win 8 was released it was kind of mentioned down in the small print.

    Still, it's really up to MS to put out great Technology product that will capture the imagination of the marketplace, just like Apple did. I think they are on that track now. I think the Windows Phone 8 is going to make a big splash in the market place along with the Surface tablets.

    Let's hope.
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    I generally go to more tech oriented stores when I need something PC related locally. Fry's and Micro Center both have all kinds of great geek stuff. A Guy
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    Wow, did you waddle through what PCs are today? Like some have already said here before, the desktop form factor isn't the mainstream anymore, all laptops, tablets, or AIOs. Towers are still sold, but not like before. Also, an Ethernet to USB adapter sounds like such a specific device, I'm not surprise a local store would have that. Brick-and-mortar stores tend to carry devices and technology that sells. Unlike a large hardware store such as Home Depot, they don't generally carry random tidbits of things you may or may not need.

    Strange how different regions of the world have different responses to Windows 8. People were literally waiting at midnight in New York City to play and buy the new Surface RT tablets. Others see little reaction. In my area, Windows 8 has been received fairly positively, and I know this for sure as I have a friend that works at my local best buy. He tells me people are pretty interested in touch enabled PCs, and he said their only Windows RT tablet--the ASUS Vivo RT--has had particular interest. This is really surprising to me as it's 600 dollars for one, and they don't even have one on display and only in the box and it's actually selling. Personally, I'd love to work there right now as they now finally have an apple mac for sale, but not on display. I feel I have a moral obligation to stop the wasting of hard earned dollars on something that might carry more buyer's remorse than anything. This makes me wonder about printer compatibility with the mac....

    By the way, is an Ethernet port really needed? Is the place where the exec going not have wifi?
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    People who get a copy of windows 8, are very likely to just download it. Some may just buy a copy and head home, the similarities between these two is that they are likely to buy windows 8 already they don't need to talk to a sales reps to learn more about win8.

    Anyone else who isn't interested in windows 8, are likely to get it when buying a computer that requires windows software.

    Full desktops are still my favorites
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    What I mean by being properly informed is..

    People will need to have explained to them that the notion of owning a status symbol like Android or iPhone is a retarded one
    (as in "a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance").

    When you can have 3 or 4+ devices (Desktop, Tablet and/or laptop and a phone, oh almost forgot Server, and maybe even xbox? will have to wait and see the new xbox for that though) all integrated to view the same documents, email, other stuff and even edit them on all those devices, then you are progressing. Iphone and Android will become relics and must change to catch up, however, android won't be able to as easily. Iphone and Mac's can to some extent, but I don't think it is anything like what the 8 series of devices offers. I am speaking of Office 2013 and Win8 series of devices, among other apps that are coming.

    many have said, "Who wants to edit an office file like excel or powerpoint on a phone?" Well, you may not create or fully edit one on a phone, but you could add/delete stuff do minor changes on the fly where you have time and can't pull out a tablet/laptop. There are occasions for that. Even maybe you need to memorize some things but can't do it from a tablet. The ability of all this with Skydrive is so clean and fluid between Win8 and my WP7, it's fantastic. I have Tech notes in one note that I edit between both devices.
    Using OneNote for organizing tech info works great. And being able to do that with ease between both devices without a bunch of hassle of having to login to different accounts, download and then try opening with some obscure app? Anyone tell me what is better than that?

    And again, among other apps that are coming.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, Windows 8 and it's devices are going to change everything if people are properly informed of the capabilities. This is sorely being over looked and extremely lacking in explanation and advertising over all.

    If people seriously take a step back and really think about it.
    Windows 8 with Office 2013 is exactly what a lot of business people have been waiting for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    By the way, is an Ethernet port really needed? Is the place where the exec going not have wifi?
    Unsure, but as a business traveler I have shared in my fare shares of large hotels which either didn't offer free wi-fi or there wasn't converage to my room and I had to use the jack in my room. I don't want her to be stuck in a place where she cannot utilize her computer because she doesn't have a connection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Also, an Ethernet to USB adapter sounds like such a specific device, I'm not surprise a local store would have that. Brick-and-mortar stores tend to carry devices and technology that sells. Unlike a large hardware store such as Home Depot, they don't generally carry random tidbits of things you may or may not need.

    The adapter is actually USB to Ethernet..but I am sure your comment was just a typo. You can usually find these devices at stores which sell MacBook air's as they have no Ethernet port and people sometimes need a wired connection (for work) or want a wired connection for much faster speeds.

    I honestly thought finding that adapter would be a no-brainer. I didn't even check the websites before I left, I just jumped in my car and drove over expecting full well to find one. But since chains like Comp-USA and such went out of business around here and most big box stores have substantially cut back inventory you cannot find crap anymore. Online sales have killed these places and now they are almost useless.

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    Yes, it can be annoying.

    It would be great to just pop out and get whatever you want straightaway.

    I miss Woolworths , odd tho it may sound.

    It was very useful for just about anything from a ball of cotton to a plug, a portable kettle - anything you could just grab it straight away.

    Now it is a palaver trying to get hold of quite a few things - a long journey, or a few days wait for it to arrive if you ordered over the net.
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