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Windows 8: Are the new features convenient or creeeeepy?

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    Windows 8: Are the new features convenient or creeeeepy?

    So, I'm playing around with this new OS and see how lots of things are tied together.
    Signing into your computer with a Microsoft account, syncing your files to their servers. There's no cute little icons for your user account picture, almost like they want you to give them an actual photo for your CIA file.(no I'm not on the government facebook program)
    *adjusts tin foil hat*
    It's all a little too convenient.
    So, what do you think? I'm anxious for you're opinions....

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    I think it's awesome! I can change my Outlook profile picture and that image gets updated across my social networks like Skype and Facebook as I have it connected to my Microsoft Account. There is also conveniences with Xbox Music as well, and it makes it easier to work across different PCs as your settings and SkyDrive files and other info sync over.

    I don't know, I trust Microsoft more than google for this type of thing. Their email servers are different than google's, as they don't keep onto your old email forever even if you've deleted them. google has a track record of user privacy concerns that even the CEO of Mozilla cited. google even updated their user privacy policy to make tracking you across their services more efficient so they can better advertise to you.

    Microsoft on the other hand, has said they won't ever use your usage data to sell to advertisers. They have IE 10 by default to not have websites track you. One of the metro app provisions is to ask the user to use their location data and other items like webcam or mic and such.

    Maybe it's just me, but given the choice between a company that takes your personal data at a whim to advertise better in your face (creepy) versus a company that doesn't, as they get their profit revenue elsewhere; I choose the latter.
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    Oh, and there is also the local account option to not have that, for all those tin hat wearers out there.
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