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My poor Windows Phone...

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    My poor Windows Phone...

    The worst thing that you could ever have happen to your phone, happened to me. Today, my Nokia Lumia 900's screen got damaged, and not in a good way. The LCD portion is destroyed, but the Gorilla glass did its job and didn't crack. The odd thing is, I've dropped it worse before and I've dropped it in a similar way in how it got cracked, and nothing! Literally, I am more shocked that it actually got cracked than anything as it just doesn't seem possible!

    The phone fell from the top edge of my desk, almost right at the curve of the handset at the top left of it, hit the bottom edge of my desk, which is a pretty hard edge as things get damaged when whatever hits it. Apparently, out of the infinite possibilities, the one possibility of any weakness being exploited happened and the screen is cracked. Very sad day.

    Well, life lesson here, buy insurance. I didn't, never thought I would need to. I will with my next phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, which I'll be buying out of contract at 700 dollars. If that were to get damaged, I would weep! Thankfully, the screen isn't too much to replace, and isn't too difficult to actually replace. And the price of a new screen fits into my claculations, which for those who do not know of, a Lumia 920 at 700 dollars with a prepaid service at 30 dollars a month for two years ($720) and to pay ETF and remaining bill balance from att ($507) adds up to less than two years of service with att with a phone subsidized on an individual account. In my case, with a 125 dollar added cost, I'm about 10 dollars less than if I say with att for two years.


    You know the world is nearing the end when a Nokia phone gets damaged.....

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    My sincere sympathies for your phone, Coke
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    For a long time at work we carried full insurance on our mobile handsets. Then, we elected to not get the insurance. That only lasted a very short while before we were getting insurance again. Phones just go through a lot of abuse being carried everywhere we go, they are forgotten about on your lap until you stand up and they go flying. They get dropped, sat on, etc.
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