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Microsoft vs. Google chrome is like Apple vs. Mic

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    Microsoft vs. Google chrome is like Apple vs. Mic

    Microsoft vs. Google Chrome is like Apple vs. Microsoft it just isn’t going to happen. Back in the early 90’s Microsoft decided to get into the GUI game with Windows, now Apple was pretty much the go to people in the GUI arena at the time, in fact they actually controlled a little over fifty percent of the desktops at the time. But, instead of looking toward the future by putting out more and better computers they choice to take Microsoft to court and sue them over the idea of putting out a Graphic User Interface similar to the Mac.
    Dumb idea. Microsoft continued to upgrade the Windows GUI until they put together Win 3.xx, and with that version the Window’s OS took wings (and it didn’t hurt that Microsoft Office for Windows hit the streets). Shortly after that Apple lost the law suit against Microsoft. At this point Apple started a downhill slide, that continued until 2004. Albeit, the damage was done. Apple continued the slide until around 2003, however, by this time Microsoft had gained close to ninety-seven percent of the world OS market, hence Apple was not going to catch up any time soon.
    Now Google is going to attempt to put out an OS that they are hoping will catch the Netbook market (it could happen, maybe). But, Google has stated it will also be looking at the desktop OS field, so now we have people saying all sorts of things, but not really saying anything at all. Even though Microsoft has seen a drop in their control of desktop/laptop in the past few years (approximately 92% from 97%); primary because of Vista, Linux and Mac OS has started to come on a bit, albeit Microsoft still has control, and as such should be able to keep that long into the future (I’ll probably be dead long before that happens).
    If you really think about the number of people on this planet (approximately 5.5 billion) and then think about all the people who use computers on a daily bases it is mind blowing. And, to think that 92 % of them are using some form or version of Windows is even more than the average person can imagine. So, with that in mind do you really think Google Chrome or any other OS will make a big enough dent in Microsoft’s control of desktop/laptop Operating System’s in the next ten to twenty years.

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    No and No, I was around in the early days when apple said " nay this home computing lark will never catch on " and refused to set up stall in what at that time was an open market, now they are bitching about Microsoft having the meat of the market, they earned it, had it been left to apple we would still need an entire room for a 1 gig laptop, ascii code would not be in existence, and we would have individual stores for individual computer manufacturers, we would not have pen drives that work on all computers as they would be tailored for individual computers, how much money has Microsoft spent on developing software that have made home computing so easy now, how much time and effort have they put in to make computer software and hardware available almost anywhere, if Microsoft do indeed have control of 92% of the market its only because they put in 92% of the work, even today.
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Microsoft vs. Google chrome is like Apple vs. Mic
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