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Crash at ntoskrnl.exe+14e2a0 (during video playback...?)

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    Crash at ntoskrnl.exe+14e2a0 (during video playback...?)


    Recently, I've started having annoyingly frequent (a few times a week) BSODs in Windows 8.1. Apparently my computer wasn't set up to generate minidumps upon BSODs in the past though, so I only just got the first useful dump from a BSOD in action. I figured I'd start with posting that and add more if (when) they come later.

    The dump cites KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED with an error code of 0x0000001e at ntoskrnl.exe+14e2a0. At the time, the computer was under rather heavy load; playing a 3D game on one half of the screen and watching an HD video on the other half. Although it could just be a coincidence because I'm often doing this, I recall that previous unrecorded BSODs also happened while watching videos.

    After this crash, I attempted to dig further with the driver verifier using the instructions here: Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver. - Microsoft Community. This produced a BSOD before even booting into the OS fully, and that dump should also be included. It crashed in the same location: ntoskrnl.exe+14e2a0.

    EDIT: For some background, this computer is about 3 years old. The SSD and RAM are the only non-manufacturer parts, but they were added as soon as I got the computer. At least up until these BSODs started occurring, BSODs were very rare and all hardware seemed to be in working order. A large change that did happen recently, though I can't recall exactly if this happened before or after the BSODs started, was attempting to upgrade to Windows 10. I eventually backed out due to compatibility issues with some of my favorite programs.

    I've attached the zip file produced by the forum's info packaging tool. Let me know if you need anything more from me. Thanks!
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    Please remove / disable items from the startup in taskmanager
    These programs could interfere with the boot process giving you trouble and increase the boot time.

    Please remove Daemon Tools

    warning   Warning
    Programs that claim to update your drivers install either the wrong or corrupted drivers.
    If you have installed any driver with SlimDrivers & DriverMax, please remove them as it may cause trouble.

    An easy way to get remove these drivers is by using a restore point prior the installation.
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Crash at ntoskrnl.exe+14e2a0 (during video playback...?)
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