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Random BSODs and sudden grinding noise from my computer

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    Random BSODs and sudden grinding noise from my computer

    I'll make this short and sweet since I don't know when my next BSOD will be. Last night my computer started making a random grinding sound and then blue screened. This has happened once before but hasn't happened for about a year. No hardware changes have been made since I purchased the parts for this PC and very little changes software wise.

    I did a system restore last night and that looked like it made a difference but it then blue screened once again about an hour later.

    I've attached the logs gathered by the tool in the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

    EDIT: since posting this I've done the following:
    Removed Qualcomm etheros killer network suite and replaced it with a driver only version of the same software
    Removed Realtek hd audio driver
    Attempted to upgrade to windows 10 only to blue screen and revert to 8.1
    Uninstalled my graphics driver, rebooted and reinstalled.
    Panicked frequently
    Run defrag tools on both hard drives, which took a very long time on my D drive.
    I'm currently running chkdsk /r on both drives, which has been stuck on D: 10% for about an hour. The buzzing sound I've been hearing is also a lot louder during the check, could my HDD be dying?
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    Hi RoastMaster,

    Welcome to the 8forums

    I would suggest to update the BIOS to the newest version to see if that makes a difference.

    Please cleanup your C: partition (move files to the D: partition is an option), you need a few dozen GB free on your C: partition for a few reasons.
    1. The dumps created in the BSOD process may not be saved properly, because there is not enough free space.
    2. If you want to upgrade you need 25-30GB free space at least, after the upgrade 20GB is used for a folder called Windows.Old which contains system files from the previous installation. There is also a few GB used for the installation files & logs what makes that you at least need 25GB free space to perform the upgrade. If you increase the free space to 25GB you would get problems after the upgrade is done for the reason that Windows needs a certain amount of free space to perform several tasks in the background so the user won't be bothered with it, the recommended amount of free space is 15% the size of the hard drive on each partition. Each partition so that each partition can be maintained.
    This is why I would currently recommend a free space of at least 30GB if you're planning on upgrading.
    If you're not planning on upgrading, about 20GB is more than enough free space
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Random BSODs and sudden grinding noise from my computer
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