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BSOD Upon Boot After Using Steam for Undertale on Win 8.1

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    BSOD Upon Boot After Using Steam for Undertale on Win 8.1

    I sure hope you guys can help me out, here! I've had this problem in the past before, and it was also sometime after I had used the Steam client. I was apprehensive about using it again, but chalked it up to coincidence since the problem had been fixed / gone away without any removal or tampering with Steam.

    So, earlier today (or maybe it was yesterday; I've been up many hours at this point), a friend gifted me a game on Steam, I redeemed the code, launched Steam... And noticed it was downloading something it wouldn't divulge without my permission and against my settings, without telling me what it was. I was annoyed, but decided to just assume it was trying to update itself or something of the sort and proceeded to initiate download of the game. Once I was done, had the game installed, put Steam into offline mode, and exited the program it then behaved well in offline mode, only launching to quietly run without using my bandwidth whenever I played the new game.

    Afterward, without a restart - which I regret now but didn't honestly consider - I also downloaded my freshly-purchased copy of the game Wolf Quest. I did not use Steam for it, and instead used the purchased version. It stalled during download, failed, then succeeded when I tried again.

    Hopefully this isn't useless information, it's the only change - aside from making restore points along the way, as I always try to do when adding new software - made since a point when my computer did not exhibit the BSOD behaviour now happening.

    After a long day of playing and browsing the internet etc, I made sure Steam was not running and rebooted my machine after finally remembering that's a good idea when installing new software. Afterwards, I let the system load, then shut it down as I usually do with the power button. Remembering I'd had a similar issue in the past, I got paranoid (apparently with good reason) and after it was fully shut down, attempted to power it back on.

    Cue a stall right at the display of my user icon on the Windows Login screen, cut to blue screen, and reboot. Once it rebooted, it worked well enough, minus large amounts of disk activity related to ntoskrnl.exe ... incidentally also what a tool called Bluescreen Viewer claims is related to the problem. It now crashes every time I turn it on after a shutdown, reboots itself, then (knock on wood!) functions properly until shut down again.

    The one time I managed to catch what the blue screen said, it mentioned page_fault_in_nonpaged_area (rtwlane.sys).

    I've attempted a chkdsk - no problems found. And I did a sfc /scannow which repaired a couple problems and said that some couldn't be repaired... which i vaguely recall as being unimportant printer-related services anyway. I also attempted to disable page files, reboot, re-enable it with the same settings, then reboot again. Didn't fix anything. I even went through the vague steps which were done with another forum (running CCleaner, for example) but this time it did not fix the problem. Sadly, I've exhausted all the self-help I can and now seek help from people who're far more knowledgeable than I am.

    Any and all help would be appreciated, as it's super scary having my system crash every time I start it up, and surely can't be good on its health!

    Also of note: please don't ask me to run Windows Update because I have zero interest in the gross nagware and such Microsoft employ lately. I intentionally keep away from that, because I have slow rural internet and a legitimate obsessive-compulsive need for things to stay precisely as they are in terms of user experience. I'm sorry if this makes me seem like a pain, honest, but as I mentioned I've had this issue in the past and it somehow was gotten rid of without needing to do Windows Updates etc. I just don't know what it was about the running in circles guessing what's happening that managed to fix it last time.

    I also do have restore points from before the games were installed etc. but of course I don't want to have to get rid of the games my friend and I just purchased if it's at all avoidable.

    Thanks in advance for helping, and I'm sorry if any of the details provided were unnecessary.

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    Hi alleycat,

    Welcome to the 8forums

    Sadly I have to ask you to install all updates that Windows Update delivers, they improve system stability, fixes critical security vulnerabilities, improve performance and fixes/improve several other things.
    I can understand why you don't want to install them, but it takes a single update to fix the problem or cause many problems if it isn't installed.

    All crashes are caused by the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Adapter which uses the rtwlane.sys driver, but there is a great chance the updates can solve it for you.
    1: kd> lmvm rtwlane
    Browse full module list
    start             end                 module name
    fffff801`5f4f4000 fffff801`5f845000   rtwlane  T (no symbols)           
        Loaded symbol image file: rtwlane.sys
        Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\rtwlane.sys
        Image name: rtwlane.sys
        Browse all global symbols  functions  data
        Timestamp:        Fri Mar 21 14:58:31 2014 (532C4587)
        CheckSum:         003466B8
        ImageSize:        00351000
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
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    Windows 8.1

    Oh, ouch. I really, really don't want to be a pain but I can't even describe the pit of anxiety that puts into my stomach. I can't currently afford the internet overages that amount of data would rack up and I live in a small, rural area where the only free wifi is McDonald's super slow and spotty connection which I don't even trust on my phone for fear of hackers since it's an open network.

    I do hope I don't sound ungrateful or anything, as I fear I might, because I really do appreciate your time. I just don't know if my OCD can handle having a system that thinks it knows better than me what I want or need (as updated versions of Windows 8, Windows 10 seem to) or the risk of losing all the things I've done to make this OS usable to me, beside the part where I don't have the necessary bandwidth for the size of the updates.

    Is there any way we can save that as a last resort and attempt to troubleshoot the network adapter/drivers? And is it possible that Steam somehow messed with it? I ask this because it's been working perfectly up until now - except in the past when this happened before, also around the time I first installed Steam back in March of last year.

    I feel like I'm being such a burden, so I apologize again for that. My situation really isn't an ideal one to work with, I'm sure.

    (Edited to add: I need to catch some sleep and don't know yet what my schedule for the day will involve. So I'll get back to you as soon as possible, should there be a response.
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    What is your internet limit? There are many updates that can be installed even with an internet limit.

    The way to resolve the problem without updates is updating the driver, but it can make things worse, drivers are updated to be more compatible with Windows as Windows adapts how it works with every update, so if you update drivers only it may have the opposite effect.
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    Windows 8.1

    Speed limit is, I believe, somewhere around a peak of around 100 kb/s and normally it's closer to 30 kb/s - 60 kb/s. I was super stressed and tired, and see that I actually referred to it as overages racking up data. I've been on my phone primarily, and my brain farted - hard. (I have a 5GB limit I'm constantly toeing the edge of on my phone because even 3G is nominally faster than my home wifi. No tethering allowed, though, so wifi is all my laptop has.) My wireless internet ISP charges you per download speed, and at present I cannot afford to buy a faster package. I kind of mooshed the two concepts together and I apologize for that; I'm super emotional about problems I can't solve and let my words fail me.

    The main problem I have with huge downloads, of course, is the time it takes and the fact I routinely end up encountering errors and corruption resulting from the slow speed and high latency - primarily on my PS4, as game updates are often as huge as (or larger than) big Windows Updates. But since there's a difference between 'oh crap the OS update is corrupted' and 'sigh, now I have to uninstall and reinstall my game because there's some super weird save corruption going on after the update', it's a scary idea to get that mixed up with OS updates that are usually really large. And I'm still terrified at the idea of becoming 'infected' with Microsoft's nagware about Windows 10 or losing the few customizations I've made so that I don't end up throwing this poor thing out a window due to how much I loathe working with Windows 8.

    That said, however, I do have an information update. I was mistaken about Steam being the culprit last time. The bugfix info dated July 2015 is the crash I was thinking of, apparently, as I hadn't even signed up for Steam until 10 days prior then waited until my copy of Skyrim came in the mail before downloading the actual Steam Client. What I was remembering is that after installing Steam, I did encounter this same issue - once. Then it behaved from then on out, but I also didn't use Steam again after that so I guess I just assumed it was the culprit. Having the issue pop up again after using Steam now is suspect, but it persists like it did last time, so I'm stumped. And still totally clueless about what may have fixed the problem back in March of 2015.

    I do know that the first instance of the issue cropped up shortly after my laptop was returned from an HP service center, where they ran diagnostics after repairing a malformed USB port (which now works perfectly fine; no clue if they just shaved down the sharp metal edge it had or replaced it entirely). I had transferred a lot of files from my old laptop onto the system between its return and the problem surfacing, but none of those were Steam Client.

    While seeking help for the BSOD issue from another forum back in March 2015, I was advised to do a CCleaner sweep, and to run a program which mostly listed elements of the system but also did the following:

    Flush DNS
    Reset FF proxy Settings
    Reset Ie Proxy Settings

    ... as well as disable SmartScreen (which I have since re-enabled) and run a diagnostic tool called autoruns and one called speccy. And to run an sfc /scannow. Of those steps, I've duplicated CCleaner and sfc, as well as done a manual command prompt ipconfig /flushdns. I do not know how to manually reset those proxy settings, and am hesitant to run diagnostic tools that I don't know how to interpret anyway and are primarily for diagnosing issues not making any changes.

    So far, nothing done last time has had a positive impact this time around. But apparently Steam is more a straw on the camel's back than the true cause?

    I'm very wordy when panicky and stressed, sorry. I am so used to brainstorming leading to an "Aha!" moment, but this one is a real head scratcher with the fact it disappeared for several months, cropped up one time, and disappeared again for nearly a year only to turn up again now.

    Suppose we were to try updating the drivers for the wireless adapter, though. What kind of 'make it worse' do you mean could be the risk? Anything that can't be undone with a driver rollback?
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    It rarely happens, but I've seen it a few times happening that a driver update caused a BSOD boot loop or a black screen boot loop because the OS wasn't updated. Those users were/are in a similar situation as you are with the internet limitation.

    I would suggest that you install software to backup your system regularly, if you don't already have such software, so you can slowly move forward with updating and such while keeping the system the way that you like
    Many users of the Windows 7 Help Forums, & Windows 10 Forums are using Macrium Reflect Free, some do also use Acronis | Backup, Data Protection & Recovery Software or
    I personally use Macrium Reflect Home, it hasn't ever failed me + it is the most stable backup software I've seen.
    My Macrium installation is 133MB, but I am sure it is worth it, the installer itself is 2.9MB.
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    Windows 8.1

    Man, how I hate trying to have technology while living in the middle of nowhere! This is such a nightmare and I keep waiting in hopes it'll just stop, but ao far no luck.

    I did find out Steam was updating in the background from offline mode and allowed it to finish in the hopes it'd fix this. Obviously, that was useless. Now I've got Windows running maintenance, but I doubt anything would come of that either. It seems drivers may actually be the sole culprit though something Steam did may have triggered it...

    But while doing research just to see if I'm ready to consider the option, I discovered that Realtek's drivers site doesn't have my modell of network adapter listed. So I'm not sure what I'd have to do even if I did choose to update drivers.

    As for backup tools, are these the kind of tools which deal with rhe entire contents of the drive (such as programs and settings as well as files)? I tried to make heads and tails of it, but I'm not that great with stuff related to back up so I'm not entirely sure .
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    You have a laptop, HP should provide you the necessary proper drivers

    They should backup everything that is on the partition you have chosen to backup.
    Here are a few tutorials about Macrium Reflect about making a backup & recovery drive so you can use the backup whenever you need to.
    Making a backup: Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Recovery: MACRIUM REFLECT - Create Bootable Rescue USB Drive - Windows 7 Help Forums
    Please note, the tutorials are dated 2010 and 2012, the tutorials are talking about older versions so there are changes but the main thing is the same as far as I've checked.
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    Windows 8.1

    I found the driver on HP's support site (and in the process had to track down the order confirmation where I bought the laptop because System Info lists a 7 where an F should be in the model number!), and the driver's dated March 2016... So, yeah, now I'm even more apprehensive about trying it. (Anxiety is a donkey's posterior, to say the least.) I don't have any spare flash drives, and I feel way over my head with the recovery stuff, but that's not to say I don't want to try it. Sadly, it just isn't something I can try now - which does leave me even further between a rock and a hard place.

    That said, a friend suggested I try safe mode to 'shake the sense into it' - she's a Mac user, so I don't know if there's any validity to the idea or not, but I figured safe mode is, well, safe to try. I rebooted into safe mode with networking, and it claimed there were no connections but when I clicked it the sidebar panel said the wifi was on and connected to my home network. Attempting to use the internet proved it was being a dirty, rotten liar.

    I did a shut down and power up sequence through safe mode, and from what I can tell I don't think it encountered the BSOD error. I didn't see a blue screen, and I think the long time it took on a black screen might have been the system sorting out what to start and what not to start due to safe mode. While in that mode, I ran the tool you gave me again, then exited safe mode to come post the logs.

    Haven't tried shutting it down again yet, but I can say with certainty that running the tools from last year after which it magically fixed itself didn't fix it this time (I tested prior to deciding to test safe mode). I'm growing wary of all the test shut downs I keep doing, scared it's going to end up damaging the system with the BSODs sooner or later. So I think I'm going to turn it off and go watch a movie or something instead of instantly trying it again. I'll have my phone on me, though, if there's any urgent questions - otherwise I'll be around next time I boot up Mister Rude Laptop of Fail.

    Can you please take a look at the zip and tell me if safe mode seems to have made any difference? Not sure if that's possible, actually, so sorry if I'm wasting your time!
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    With safe mode networking you have limited network access, not everything will work.

    A new log isn't of much use without a BSOD unless there is asked for it.
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BSOD Upon Boot After Using Steam for Undertale on Win 8.1
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