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If you have freezing issues, how many cores does your processor have?

View Poll Results: how many cores in your CPU if it has freezing issues

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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    If you have freezing issues, how many cores does your processor have?

    I had a thought - I have had stable and unstable Windows 8 installations CP and RP, but the freezing for me has only occurred on machines with multicore processors.

    What are your experiences?

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I haven't had any issues with freezing and I'm using a first generation i7-920
    Have been running it as my primary OS (Win8 64 bit) since 13 June without any serious problems.

    Didn't use the DP or CP long enough to see if it froze or not.
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    City of Burj Khalifah
    Posts : 273
    8 Release Preview, 7 Home Premium

    I'm using i3-2310M 2nd Generation.

    After all of the install/uninstall for some drivers I figured something that freezes load.
    Better not to install later version for it is only compatible with Win7 OS, even I pair them with platform this might get you in trouble.
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    Portsmouth Hants
    Posts : 772
    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    5 multicore to 0 unicore so far - probably the bias is due to the majority of modern PCs having more than one core, and people with single cores are less likely to be here on an enthusiast site - but I might be biased myself! Also a better specified machine is probably more sophisticated than a straight down the middle budget model, or an old workhorse, and thus have more potential for conflicts.

    I can see where this might be going, and we might like to know how many people have no freezing issues and what processor they have. However, they probably won't be spending much time in "crashes and debugging"! Any suggestions where to post it? I will wait for the first single-core freezer, or another week, whichever comes first. Keep 'em coming please!
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    xp , 7Pro, 8RP, Android phone, Tablet

    4 cores desktop, 2 cores laptop.
    laptop has not experenced any that I have spotted but it is a stone-age Tosh tecra almost 5 years old.
    The desktop had seemed to freeze a couple of times a couple of weeks ago but have installed W8 quite a number of times since
    for my various experiments and do not get any general freezes at the moment , the one exception being right-click desktop takes about 10secs before the personalization screen appears. A further thought, it may be the speed of the processors and stepping down to power saving mode; and/or the number of drives attached. I have had the DT running @ 3.6MHz fast 2.7Mz power saving and also 3Mhz stepping down to 2MHZ in power saving. It is running at the 3 - 2 at the moment. I will keep an eye out for this.
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    Portsmouth Hants
    Posts : 772
    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far. 7 multicore processor machines and counting.

    It might be time to distinguish between freezes!

    Some people seem to have the sort of freezes when you are working as normal, then suddenly, nothing you do on the keyboard, nor anything you do with the mouse makes any thing happen on screen. The screen is just...frozen, and the only way to get out of it is to hold down the power button.

    Some others describe everything slowing down before stopping entirely, and then the only way to get out...

    The common factor is that the computer never gets to crash, BSOD, write a crash dump or Phone home to WER.

    Others describe intermittent unresponsiveness, which then goes back to normal - this seems to me like Windows XP used to be when it first came out, it would be doing some background processes, so nothing could happen in the foreground...

    If you do vote here, give a little background if you can please - it may help solve your problem.
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If you have freezing issues, how many cores does your processor have?
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