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System freezing - possible solution!

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    System freezing - possible solution!

    I've had problems with freezing while using chrome - random freezes after 5-20 minutes of having chrome running (preconfigured with my google account).
    Logs completely clean, so it's pretty much impossible to find out anything this way.
    Disabling all hw acceleration didn't help (I am using intel's HD4000 which is known to have issues with chrome - ivy bridge cpu's) , so i swapped to firefox and everything was fine...
    Until i installed adblock. From that moment system started freezing even without running chrome. (time to freeze was much longer than under chrome thou, but already it happened 5 times)

    Now i came back to chrome, but with disabled add-ons (for troubleshooting, will try to re-enable some of them over the next few days) and for the last hour of heavy use of browser, no freezes at all.

    In theory - there are 2 different plug-ins (adblocks for chrome and ff), from different developers, but seems like they're causing problems. so here can be the issue with windows 8. I'm goin to investigate it, but it will be great if somebody else could confirm it.

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    In Chrome type about:Plugins Chrome will change this to chrome://plugins and usually the top item will be about Flash - if it says 2 or 3 files, then you will sometimes have problems - click + details on the blue bar and

    disable all Shockwave Flash entries except the one in:


    Chrome, for some reason insists on having its own Flash installation. Chrome opens each tab in a separate process, so potentially could use 2 versions of Flash at the same time, leading to memory problems, but of course, Chrome handles its own crashes too. Ads of course may try to use Flash in a popup window which is then blocked - without closing properly - I don't know, its a nightmare, but having just one version in use is supposed to help. Chrome for instance will not handle Flash properly in some incognito windows, so some sites just won't load. Still, my eyesight is improving
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System freezing - possible solution!
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