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BSOD 0x000000c1/1a/3b/9f mostly ntoskrnl, browser tabs++

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    BSOD 0x000000c1/1a/3b/9f mostly ntoskrnl, browser tabs++


    I have earlier tried to get some help (another forum) with my BSOD problems without any luck, using blueview. Firstly I had problems With putting pc to sleep which gave a bsod, often "Power driver state"/ "memory managment" etc. I don't use the sleep function anymore..

    Now I often (couple of times a month) get bsod while I have chrome with many tabs (often 70++) open.

    As said I have had some help With trying to fix the problem, but without any Luck. We uninstalled many Applications that looked to be Connected to the bsod, but always New bsod would arise later on..

    Could it actually be bad memory? (I have scanned and had no bad memory detected)

    See my screenshot, if it shows any pattern or so..

    Screenshot of my blueview "list"

    Attachment 66675

    DM log Attachment 66676

    I hope my post is detailed enough

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    As you said analysing the latest 6 BSOD they are all more or less memory (corruption) related.
    My feeling is that you are overstressing your OLD system when you Now I often (couple of times a month) get bsod while I have chrome with many tabs (often 70++) open., looking at your system with motherboard x48-DQ6 socket 775, latest BIOS from 2009, no official windows 8 driver from Gigabyte etc.
    Your system might be not (really) windows 8 compatible.

    Could it actually be bad memory? (I have scanned and had no bad memory detected)
    How did you tested your memory?

    To be sure that your memory is not the culprit follow this guide to use memtest 86. Run at least 8 passes at least (advice let it run at night).
    If there are errors, find out which memorymodule is faulted see guide for instructions.
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    Please run the dm log collector again and upload a new zip, there are many files corrupted and/or missing.
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BSOD 0x000000c1/1a/3b/9f mostly ntoskrnl, browser tabs++
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