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Multiple different BSOD only while Gaming

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    Multiple different BSOD only while Gaming

    Hi guys,
    built this computer about a month or so ago and installed win 8 and updated to 10 immediately with one game installed,
    Elder Scrolls Online with instant BSOD and not able to play game at all, BSOD on pressing play,
    so reformatted drive and installed Win 8.1 and no other software other than new game "The Whitcher",
    could play the game from 10 minutes up to around 2 hours then BSOD, always different bsod's .

    Have run Memtest for 32 hours with no problems, FurMark no problems, HeavyLoad 64 no problems,
    Driver Verifier crashes on boot with only 3rd party drivers set (no microsoft) and can only recover through Safe mode, used HWInfo64 to check all temperatures are ok and they are,
    checked Hard Drive for errors and all ok, can use the computer for many hours in normal use just cannot play games,

    any help would be appreciated,

    thanks Pipco
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    Analyzing your latest BSOD i see this pattern Memory corruption in proces Galaxy Client H and Graphics Related Nvlddmkm.sys(geforce driver) and dxgmm1.sys (directx related).

    The culprit is likely the program GOG Galaxy Client. Is this still in Beta stage.
    See if you can upgrade it for a newer version.
    If this is not possible, uninstall it and see if the crashes than stop.
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    windows 8.1

    Thanks for the reply,

    but no joy I'm afraid, uninstalled GOG and now seems even worse, it will BSOD within 5 minutes into the game, and tried HeavyLoad 64 again and it freezed instantly,

    really need some help here,

    thanks pipco.
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    First could you upload a new zip with the latest bsod.

    You are using memoryslots 2 and 4.
    According to memorylist from asrock this is adviced only for DS modules.ASRock > Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K4
    What are your Kingston Modules SS or DS.
    If SS please reseat to 1 and 3 and see if this improves your system.

    My Bsod analyse program gives another partnumber of your memory modules. (KHX2666C15D4/4G)
    Could you use Speccy and see what partnumber Speccy gives.

    Your bios version is 1.40, the latest is 2. 20. The newer bios(ses) has improved system stabilty, improve dram compatibillity.
    Advice: also update your BIOS.
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    windows 8.1

    Hi, thanks for the replies,

    ok, memory was in A1 and B1, (RED), pretty sure that's where they should be,.... have moved them (2 x 4 gig matched sticks of Kingston Fury DDR4) , to A2 and B2, (BLACK), and updated BIOS, and so far so good, game will now play with no BSOD, well at least for a couple of hours as to 10 mins before, so won't close this as solved until played for a few long sessions over a couple of days.
    If it crashes i'll upload the latest minidump log, I also downloaded Speccy but now for some reason Ram is showing as Unknown,
    so used Rammon, which is showing ram in memoryslots 1 & 2.

    Thanks so much for your help so far,

    have a great chrissie, yours Pipco
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Multiple different BSOD only while Gaming
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