Hello everyone I bought an asus laptop a few months ago and ever since the first week i've had BSOD issues recently however maybe because of my uni work (which involves using programs like 3DS MAX, After effects and Motion builder) My laptop has been crashing more and more, the crash only happens whenever a program starts to not respond, and whatever I do to this program it will still surely crash. I've been looking at the matter for a long time now and looked at various ways to diagnose the problem, so far I've seen that it isnt a RAM issue as I have done a memory test, I driver verifier test and blue screen viewer and it showed that the problem was the driver Ntoskrnl.exe causing the problem but then I looked even further and opened up the dump files to see that it was a driver called pci.sys causing the damage. can somebody help me please I dont know what to do next, and I need to be able to work on my projects. If anyone can identify the problem and help me please I would appreciate it.