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New Recent Crashes during Locked or Idle state

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    Win 8 64-bit

    New Recent Crashes during Locked or Idle state

    Dear Crash Analyzers,
    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance, really impressed that you would devote some of your precious time to helping others here. A couple of days ago, after leaving my Asus laptop Locked but running, I came back to find it had crashed and re-booted on its own. It's happened twice more since then, once while idle, once while locked. It does not seem to do this if I close it (Sleep mode) - it has not actually happened while I've been in front of it, but I prefer of course to leave it on most of the time. The significant changes I had made to my computer right before that, if I'm remembering correctly:
    1. Accepted and installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC that had been nagging me
    2. Uninstalled Googe Photo Backup, wasn't using it
    3. I also accepted a Silverlight update
    4. Maybe some other unattended update?

    Thank you again for your help, Charles

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    BSOD Kernel Dump Analyst
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    Please upload the zip again, it is empty.
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    Dear Helpers,
    That's weird, sorry I didn't notice it was empty. Tried running DM Log Collector from the Desktop two more times, kept making an empty ZIP. Ran it instead from inside \Windows\Minidump, worked fine. Which helped me notice one more odd behavior my computer now seems to have: certain files don't necessarily show up on the Desktop, but DO show up when I view Desktop in Windows Explorer. Weird.

    Hopefully a functional attachment comes through this time. Thanks again!
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    BSOD Kernel Dump Analyst
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    Please check Windows Update for updates, install every update available, it may take a couple of times to get them all.
    About Windows 10, you can of course decide yourself if you want it.

    Please remove / disable items from the startup in taskmanager
    These programs could interfere with the boot process giving you trouble and increase the boot time.

    I recommend to remove the ASUS software, some are known for causing BSOD's.

    New Recent Crashes during Locked or Idle state Diagnostics Test New Recent Crashes during Locked or Idle state

    Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Note   Note
    Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

    Run chkdsk Disk Check - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Run HDTune to scan for errors, health and benchmark.
    Let me know what the results are, prefered screenshots.

    NTFS is the file system, this could mean I/O errors with a 0x7A.
    I/O error means that the data can't be read from the hard drive.
    3: kd> k
    Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    fffff880`21698a78 fffff802`1559b1a4 nt!KeBugCheckEx
    fffff880`21698a80 fffff802`1555cc57 nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x2472e
    fffff880`21698b60 fffff802`1551b32f nt!MiIssueHardFault+0x1b7
    fffff880`21698c30 fffff802`154ddeee nt!MmAccessFault+0x81f
    fffff880`21698d70 fffff802`158f2be0 nt!KiPageFault+0x16e
    fffff880`21698f00 fffff802`158f2eae nt!RtlUnicodeToMultiByteN+0xf0
    fffff880`21698f10 fffff802`158f2d48 nt!RtlUnicodeStringToAnsiString+0x7e
    fffff880`21698f70 fffff802`158cb8bb nt!ExpQueryModuleInformation+0xbc
    fffff880`21698fe0 fffff802`158c89cb nt!ExpQuerySystemInformation+0xe3b
    fffff880`216992b0 fffff802`154df453 nt!NtQuerySystemInformation+0x2b
    fffff880`216992f0 fffff802`154e4630 nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13
    fffff880`21699488 fffff802`159a4df0 nt!KiServiceLinkage
    fffff880`21699490 fffff880`00b47b06 nt!RtlQueryModuleInformation+0x70
    fffff880`21699640 fffff880`00b476dc Ntfs!NtfsQueryModuleInformation+0x66
    fffff880`21699670 fffff880`00b4a7a1 Ntfs!NtfsBuildCorruptionCtx_CallStack+0x19c
    fffff880`21699740 fffff880`00bbf6eb Ntfs!NtfsAttachCorruption_IndexEntry+0x141
    fffff880`216997e0 fffff880`00adc888 Ntfs!NtfsReadFileRecord+0xe3b5b
    fffff880`216998d0 fffff880`00b19492 Ntfs!NtfsLookupInFileRecord+0x68
    fffff880`21699960 fffff880`00b1c49b Ntfs!NtfsUpdateFcbInfoFromDisk+0xc2
    fffff880`21699ad0 fffff880`00aebe4d Ntfs!NtfsOpenFile+0x32b
    fffff880`21699d00 fffff880`00afd96d Ntfs!NtfsCommonCreate+0x1114
    fffff880`21699f50 fffff802`154daae7 Ntfs!NtfsCommonCreateCallout+0x1d
    fffff880`21699f80 fffff802`154daaad nt!KxSwitchKernelStackCallout+0x27
    fffff880`1a349010 00000000`00000000 nt!KiSwitchKernelStackContinue
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    Win 8 64-bit

    Hi Axe0,
    Thank you very much for your advice, and sorry it took a while to get back, it took me longer than I had hoped to figure out how to boot into DOS for the SeaTools test. I have now:
    • Applied all Win 8 Updates
    • Disabled some unnecessary startup items in Task Mgr
    • Did not uninstall ASUS software - there are 11 different pieces, none of which I use knowingly, but I don't know which, if any, are essential for operation (eg ASUS USB Charger Plus?)
    • Ran SeaTools for Windows - Short Drive Self Test failed:

    --------------- SeaTools for Windows v1.4.0.2 ---------------

    11/14/2015 11:48:41 AM
    Model Number: ST500LT012-9WS142
    Serial Number: S0V416A4
    Firmware Revision: 0001SDM1
    Short DST - Started 11/14/2015 11:29:52 AM
    Short DST - FAIL 11/14/2015 11:29:59 AM
    SeaTools Test Code: A791ACEE
    Short Generic - Started 11/14/2015 11:34:14 AM
    Short Generic - Pass 11/14/2015 11:35:56 AM
    Long Generic - Started 11/14/2015 11:36:50 AM
    Long Generic - FAIL 11/14/2015 11:47:17 AM
    SeaTools Test Code: A791ACDE

    • Ran SeaTools for DOS - it found and repaired 8 problems, lucky my drive is a Seagate

    Attachment 66357

    • Ran chkdsk - no problems found
    • Ran HDTune for errors, health and benchmark, see screenshots below

    Attachment 66358

    Attachment 66359

    Attachment 66360

    At this point, the unit seems to be operating more stably. I'm going to leave it on and Locked overnight to see if anything happens. Thank you very much for helping me correct those problems on the disk with SeaTools, best, Charles
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    Win 8 64-bit

    Hi Axe0,
    All seems clear and well - thank you very much for your assistance, very generous to share your time. I'll mark as Solved, sincerely, Charles
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New Recent Crashes during Locked or Idle state
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