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Various BSOD errors every hour or so

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    Quote Originally Posted by axe0 View Post
    What exactly is the reason for upgrading to Windows 8.1?
    Curiosity? Plus the repairman suggested it when my HDD died. I didn't think about driver compatibility at the time, since the transition between Vista and 7 was pretty smooth, I assumed it would be the same (it kind of was, since I had no problems for 2 years, and even now it's probably not compatibility-related).

    Have you tried instaling in Windows 7 compatibility?
    Yes, it resulted in the same message. Sometimes you just can't trick the system.

    I honestly am kinda surprised your laptop is still working after 6 years.
    Me too, it really is a terrible piece of engineering. But the components are/were good, so it held out.

    Anyway, I'll upload one final collector file, but now I'm 90% sure it's hardware related. Now I get BSOD even in Safe Mode. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 times to boot properly. I don't think it's the GPU because FurMark runs without problems, I think it's the MOBO just because there are just so many messages. It might be RAM. I'll start testing the components next week or so, when I'll have more time. Is there a way to test RAM in Windows?

    Here's the list of BSODs I got:
    NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM (ntfs.sys)
    (there might have been even more)

    And I have one final concern. Is it possible that a virus can cause these? I just want to eliminate this possibility. Windows Defender and Malwarebytes didn't find anything, but you can never be too sure. Maybe I'm being too careful, but I don't buy anything online or log into my bank account for now. I'd like to however (especially on Black Friday), so I'm interested in your opinion about this.

    Finally, I'd like to thank you for your help. I think we did everything we could at this point. I'll close the thread after a bit of hardware-testing.

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    Lets just rule out Malware as far as possible.
    I haven't yet looked at the files, will do that tomorrow.

    Various BSOD errors every hour or so Diagnostics Test Various BSOD errors every hour or so
    Malware scan

    Please scan your system with Adwcleaner, Kaspersky TTDSKiller, ESET Online Scanner and SuperAntiSpyware
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    Please boot into the boot options, choose Diagnostics Tests and let it run.
    Prefered as extensive as possible.
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    Turns out it WAS the GPU after all. It's disabled now, and the system runs fine. Thank you again!
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Various BSOD errors every hour or so
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