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Plenty and random BSOD errors

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    Plenty and random BSOD errors


    I am using a Dell 15 3000 series i5. I was experiencing many BSOD erros both in Ubuntu and Windows (I had dual boot) last month. But then suddenly it stopped. Now again I am having those errors back and they are random. Sometime critical_process_died, sometime kernel_inpage_error and 0xc0000185.

    So i had though i had some problem with OS. I tried clean formatting my PC. But when I deleted all Partitions and tried to install Windows 8.1 on new partitions, it gave me errors. It couldn't create new partition and couldn't install windows on the current partition. So I tried to clean the HDD using DiskPart but again some I/O errors. And then I became sure, the problem is with HDD. I ran Killdisk on it to hard format my HDD and it was successful.

    I created new partitions on the formatted HDD and installed Windows 8.1. So I had a fresh OS installed without any drivers. But after using for 5 minutes, I again got a BSOD errors and it never stopped.

    I thought the problem is with either HDD or RAM. I ran chkdsk and when I checked for log file, but I couldn't find any in the event viewer. I read some forum and someone told, if there are no errors in HDD, chkdsk doesn't create any log files. Then I ran windows diagnostic tools and memtest86 (4 passes) to test the RAM and again no errors.

    What can the problem be?
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Plenty and random BSOD errors
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