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Suggestions for Freezing Problems (culled from other posts)

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    SUGGESTIONS FOR FREEZING PROBLEMS (culled from other posts)

    This is just a list of the most recent freeze fixes compiled in this forum:
    As it seems a bit confusing, I've highlighted the specific instances in RED

    Feel free to add to this topic or to bump it back up to the top.

    FYI - AVG (and other antivirus') have been implicated in freezes, even after uninstalling. (I use the built in Windows Defender)
    FYI2 - Chrome has been implicated in freezes also - try switching to another browser (I use FireFox and IE)
    More to follow as I gather links.......

    My last post gathering info:
    Quote Originally Posted by usasma View Post
    Just to keep things in one topic:
    - play with video driver versions - both the latest available Win8 version from the chipset manufacturer:

    nVidia: World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA
    ATI: Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD

    and the original version that shipped (and was installed) when Win8 was first installed.
    Power states may play a part in this (2 suggestions):
    Quote Originally Posted by RCOO View Post
    Guys, try running a task on the background that uses the CPU. Someone in the forums mentioned that the freezes happen when the CPU enters the power saving mode.
    You can try disabling C-States if your bios allows it.
    Quote Originally Posted by usasma View Post
    Nice tip! DM1 offers this suggestion in several threads also (I took this quote from ):
    If you have no disable C-States option in the BIOS (most laptops don't) you can workaround by creating a new Custom Power Plan and set - as an advanced option - in the Processor Power Management Tab the minimum processor rate at 50-70% ( i set myself at 50%) and the maximum processor rate at the very same value! (50%-50% or 70%-70%).

    No crashes since then! Yes it takes from the processing power, but at least the system is stable.
    As i noticed here and on other forums, this is an Intel only problem.
    And finally the type of installation.
    I've seen a lot of installations that were "Upgrades" - and they have far more problems than the "clean" install.
    If yours is an upgrade install and you're having these problems:
    - backup your stuff
    - format the hard drive (a wipe probably isn't necessary - although I have some issues when swapping hard drives)
    - "clean" install Win8, letting Windows Update automatically install the necessary drivers.
    More info about clean install in this Win7Vista "canned speech": Canned Speeches - "Clean" Install
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    Windows 8 RP

    Usasma, you are forgot this:
    Hi Everyone
    I've been experiencing this issue, sometimes it took hours, sometimes 5 minutes after booting up. It's highly aggravating however I had a small idea, what happens if we virtualise our Windows 8 installation. Keep reading, I'm not insane...
    Since Windows 8 now runs on top of the Hypervisor and not directly on the hardware layer, that, to me at least, makes it virtualised.
    So far, and I'm a few hours in now which is more than most other times before, this has worked absolutely great (Please note however, that I have also disabled all C-Stepping and power management features, to no avail, before this!).
    To enable it for yourself and give it a try:
    Open Desktop
    Win + I (Settings)
    Control Panel
    Programs & Features
    Turn Windows Features on or off
    Tick "Hyper-V" (and sub-components, although not required I guess)
    Reboot (it will reboot twice to reconfigure your system completely)

    Note: Since your system now also has a hypervisor running, you may experience slightly degraded performance. So long as you are not running other virtual machines, this should not be noticable, and trust me any possible slowdowns are probably less annoying than the dreaded freeze.
    Interested to hear how people get on with this method.
    Source: Browsers causing Win 8 RP to freeze

    By topic starter: this fix my freezes completely, but i had disable FAST BOOT option, because it's stopped working, and computer doesn't boot with it (reset helps). My uptime now 48 hours with using Chrome, enabled speedstep and C-states
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Thanks Divere !
    I'm sure that it's going to help others with the freezing problems.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Another freezing post by DM1 that also involves Hypervisor:

    Windows 8 Web Browsing Freeze - WORKAROUND / FIX!

    If you've been using the Windows 8 Release Preview on an Intel motherboard setup, and have been experiencing problems with your whole system freezing, then you're probably as insane and annoyed as I am with the issue.
    To those that haven't experienced it, here's what basically happens: We'll be browsing around (in any browser!), and all of a sudden, the display will stop rendering, yet the mouse keeps moving. We're able to click on some things, and enter the metro start screen, but no apps will open and only some of the clicks will render changes on the screen. From this point, that's it, we have to hard reboot. I am actually able to get a system beep (and mouse freeze) by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and clicking around for a few seconds.
    No, there is no BSOD, there is no "Your computer encounted a problem it couldn't handle" or any other sign of error. It just freezes, and it's horrible!
    Anyway, good news for those that are experiencing it......
    The Fix!

    Some warnings first:
    1; This is NOT a permanent fix. This needs to be solved my MS / Intel.
    2; Depending on how you use your computer, you may notice degraded performance with this fix, but I am happy to trade that for a system that doesn't freeze.
    3; Whilst I will do my best to help anyone with issues for this fix, I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your system etc. etc.
    If you already run a virtualisation environment such as VMWare or VirtualBox (with 64-bit VMs only), they will no longer work. The reason is that the Hypervisor doesn't expose the VT-x extension to it's virtual machines (including your new root), and so other virtualisation products can't be ran with full effectiveness. The obvious workaround to this problem is to convert your VMWare/VirtualBox VMs to Hyper-V, and import them using the Hyper-V Manager.
    Here's the fix: Enable Hyper-V. By enabling Hyper-V on your machine, your root OS (which you use) will now run on top of a Hypervisor, which means it's essentially virtualised. It's not in the same sense as a virtual machine, as your OS will still have direct hardware access to essentials such as graphics cards for gaming etc.
    Full steps:

    1. Open Desktop
    2. Win + C (Charms bar) (or Win+I for Settings directly)
    3. Settings
    4. Control Panel
    5. Programs & Features
    6. Turn Windows Features on or off
    7. Tick "Hyper-V" (and sub-components, although not required if you won't create virtual machines)
    8. Reboot (it will reboot twice to reconfigure your system completely)

    That's it, now have fun browsing!
    Please report your success / failure on this post, so I can start spreading it even more. I know a few people that have said it's solved their issues so no negative feedback now, and I'm 24 hours in to testing it.
    Small update based on the few people who don't get this working: You need virtualisation extensions (VT-x) enabled in your BIOS/UEFI config, so go enable those first. You can confirm that the Hypervisor is running after reboot by looking in System Event Viewer and finding the 'Hypervisor successfully started.' log entry. If you see an error when starting and wonder why the fix might not be working, well that's why
    Update 19th June 2012 - Still running strong 4 days in, I've also had several confirmations of this working for others also, keep the confirmations coming so we can spread it even further. Feel free to retweet my post on Twitter also to spread it around. I've made a few minor updates to the article also.
    Source: Windows 8 Web Browsing Freeze - WORKAROUND / FIX! - Latest General News - rudi visser, fresh development ideas

    Let us know if it works for you!

    Later Edit: It really works!
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    I use Chrome as my internet browser. Is that why W8 keeps freezing? I still can't get IE going. Haven't found a fix for it other than creating a separate user account which is not worth it.

    I did all the stuff from the Hyper-V thread. I started by enabling both Intel Virtualization Tech and VT-D Tech. Then I was able to go in, and activate the Hyper-V. I still don't understand what it's for.

    I haven't checked my BIOS for the C-States, but I'll check it out as soon as I get the chance.
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    Windows 8 Release Preview

    I installed firefox and uninstalled Chrome, and i havent had a crach/freeze since
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64

    Firefox has never worked well for me in my entire life. That's why I always stuck to IE. Chrome has performed beyond amazing. I tried IE9, and it was nothing compared to Chrome. Whoever designed Chrome was seriously good.
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    Opera 12 Final Release also seems to cause freezing.
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    Windows 10 x64

    I use Chromium 20 and no freezing for a week now. I had a crash in begin using it, lucky for me there were only 2 tabs open.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    HPDeskjet suggests (in this post: ) that Real Player will also cause freezes.
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Suggestions for Freezing Problems (culled from other posts)
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