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GPU driver crashing

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    GPU driver crashing

    I recently purchased a new PC, i7 processor 4GHz, Windows 10, GTX 980 graphics, running an Asus 4k monitor.
    I bought it to run Elite Dangerous, as my previous machine, a laptop was not man enough to handle the graphics.
    After playing the game for about 20 minutes the screen went black and the game window minimised to the taskbar, a message popped up saying my graphics driver had stopped responding but had recovered, the game continued to run in the background, but the game window stayed minimised and wouldn't maximise.
    I could not interact with anything on the monitor so I had to ctrl/alt del to bring up the task manager and stop the game.
    The game started up again without any problem and ran for another half hour or so before the same thing happened again, This continued to happen every time I played, I contacted Frontier and the shop where I bought the PC. Frontier told me that they were unable to see a reason for the crash in the game logs, and the shop reacted by sending a replacement GPU. I installed the new GPU and ran the game, it ran for about 10 minutes before crashing again!
    Help! how do I find out what's causing the crash.

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    Hi Brad Avidrow,

    Welcome to the 8forums.
    As you say you have windows 10 and this forum is specifically for windows 8/8.1
    Also, since this is not a BSOD problem, please create a new thread at Drivers and Hardware section of windows 10 helpforums
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GPU driver crashing
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