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Attempting to repair

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    Attempting to repair

    Hi All
    Running Release preview and experienced the following:-
    On booting I think it was doing an update the system crashed.
    Rebooted and then went into failed to boot
    attempting to repair
    This was on an external esata drive so I could hear what was going on:-
    System spent some 25 minutes with the small graphic circle spinning
    and either reading or writing to the drive, it finally stopped and said it
    failed to repair try advanced options or close down.
    Not sure of what would happen I closed down to remove 4 other drives for safety.
    These are individual, I dont dual boot, tested each and they booted ok. Removed drives again
    Plugged win8 drive back in ready to try advanced options but lo and behold
    it booted up successfully.
    Anybody else experienced this.

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    My computer did similar thing twice, both times "attempting to repair" seemed to go on for ages. Finally it booted into windows but all my programs except the metro apps were gone and I had to re-install them all which was a pain as my model helicopter flight sim was back into demo mode and my activation key no longer worked so I had to contact the company to reset it twice.
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    Hi Loquasious Just been testing, a few " funnies": boots to metro, apps run including media center for live TV.
    desktop: Most programs run OK but have lost the "start" in the bottom left corner, I can get back to metro via charms top right.
    But annoyingly like you it has lost the installation key for corel pspX , will have to phone to get a new one.
    Media center which I use for live digital tv has vanished from the desktop but can still be found in ehome.
    Luckily I cloned a win7 drive prior to installing 8
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    Hi besb, I am in the process of re-installing rest of my programs and then I am going to back up everything using the Windows 7 file recovery option.

    It seems that I get the problem of not booting and attempting to repair if I try to install virtu. This has seemingly happened since installing the latest Nvidia win 8 driver for my GTX 680.

    Initially it happened when I installed the driver for the video card. Then when I sorted that after the "repair".

    I re-installed everything except "virtu" I left that till last. When I tried installing it I got another boot loop and repair attempt and had to reinstall again (doing it now) so this time I am backing up and NOT installing virtu at this stage.

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    If you made one of those recimg backups, you can keep your programs by reapplying the image yourself.
    Last edited by Brink; 19 Jun 2012 at 11:27. Reason: added link for more info
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    Older versions of VIRTU caused BSOD's in some Win7 systems.
    Try the latest drivers from here: lucidlogix with GPU Solution
    Note that it's not supported in Win8 - read the detailed release notes for possible problems.
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    Further to my initial experience delving a little deeper I now can reproduce the issue at will.
    The cause is swopping around sata multiple drives in the system.
    I have 4 drives Win7(work, fully loaded) win7(games on a ssd cut down for speed 10sec load superfast etc)
    win xp for legacy (flight sims) and win 8. Machine only has room for 3. I do not dual boot but select drive to boot in the bios.
    The problem arises if I unplug one of the drives
    Win8 goes into auto-repair which finally ends up (15mins later)with auto-repair cant repair.
    unplug all drives bar win8 and run auto repair again, again it says cant repair but if I reboot it boots just fine on its own.
    Plug a second drive in and it immediately starts auto repair again after 2 auto-repair failures it will boot again.

    net result I cant add or remove drives without win 8 going into auto repair.
    Is this because all disks are set as basic drives and when it does not match the configuration it has stored
    Win8 cannot dynamically add an extra drive and goes into auto repair?.

    I also tried adding and removing a drive via usb. This worked correctly albeit it took a few seconds longer when re-added.
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    Are you using win8 Graphical boot menu , or a text style boot menu?
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Dunno if this is significant, but I originally installed Win8 on another hard drive in another SATA port.
    The installation added Win8 to the boot menu on my Win7 drive.

    When I removed that drive and put in a new one (on a different SATA port), the old Win8 installation still remains on the boot menu. I haven't tried to remove it yet - but I have to wonder if I'll have similar issues to you.

    If your issues are similar, it could be because of the boot entries on the boot drive (in my case it's my Win7 drive).

    Good luck!
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    Try starting up bootim.exe from win8 system32.
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Attempting to repair
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