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Attempting to repair

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    On behalf of all the "oldies" on this forum, I must say thanks for your gracious compliment HippsieGypsie.
    One day I trust you will be in the same position attracting such comments.
    This first paragraph may be a little off subject, but You're so very welcome, besb! Perhaps I mislead you on my age. I'm a baby boomer born the same year the UNIVAC I was released in 1951. I may be as old or even older as some of you gentlemen. I just wasn't as heavy into computers back then as you were, although I've had one since 1989. A used Commodore 64C with a floppy disc and monitor. Then a gateway 2000 with Win 95 loaded on it that a friend gave me. I learned that computer by breaking it, then my friend would teach me how to fix it. I still have it and it runs, although it's in storage. It now has 98 SE that I loaded. I should dig it up for old times sake. Then I bought this Acer about 7 years ago.

    Anyway, To add somewhat to the subject matter with a few questions. I've never dual-booted before so it's new territory for me. I now dual-boot 7 Ultimate and 8 RP. 7 was my default OS when I created a partition, loaded 8 via ISO on DVD, and ran. (Both run well) At first boot after that, it booted up in a Metro-looking 8 screen with choice, of course. I chose 7 and ran that. The next boot after that it booted up through the usual 7 boot screen (with choice). It altered boot screens depending on which OS I used last. After some time I designated 8 as the default OS. Now it seems to me that 8 has taken total control of the boot process and/or screen. Is this something new? Is this normal?

    Also, is it normal that 8 registers my 7 (C: drive) as D: drive (with rights) if I'm in 8. In 7 it registers 8 drive as "Windows 8 (I)". Was this the way it was in past dual-booting OSs?

    You fellas' might be interested in this: Personal Computer Related Memories - I Remember:
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Born in May of 1952 - I'm 60 now!
    I've been multiple booting since the mid 1990's (found an article in a PC magazine about quad booting and decided to give it a try).

    Win8 also redesignates my Win7 drive as F: Perfectly normal (and I think I recall that Win7 also does this).
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Another oldie - almost 60 - and I know the reason why they changed the boot manager - faster booting!

    In previous versions, the first boot manager had access to the registry, and was aware of drive letters. - big registry, slow boot - even for single OS machines.

    In faster booting the registry is loaded from hiberfile.sys, not from the registry itself, and for the metro state, from swapfile.sys.

    In a multi booting situation the boot manager loads, presents options, then on selection, reboots into the selected option - if windows 8, as fast as it can - employing whatever tricks it uses. If a previous windows, as slow as that system needs to be.
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    fafhrd thanks for the explanation above. It is one of the reasons I like W8 the underlying speed of the code.
    Having done that however they should have ensured they ran enough tests with different scenarios.
    35 minutes failing to boot does not beat W7 11secs on ssd.
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    Final report by me
    Submitted to microsoft answers - asked by moderators to join immediately the connect program .
    Joined the connect program can see no previous reports directly relating to this issue.
    Formal bug report completed and sent.
    Microsoft do not give individual feedback so we just have to wait and see.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    w00t! I'm glad that they recognized your contribution and got you into Connect!
    FYI - Connect is much more responsive than other avenues. I've received requests for more info on several occasions when submitting bugs for Vista and Win7.
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    Off topic usasma
    w00t! I see you used to play dungeons and dragons and possibly be a member of Mud community and Zork LOL
    I hate to think how many hours I spent there.
    I ported the original Colossal Cave to any machine that had a k/b screen and basic compiler my own Commodore 64 and got into trouble for porting it onto work word processors before PCs existed!!
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    D&D? I don't recall that, nor the Mud thing. Maybe it was my son (he's in his mid-30's now) his real name is the same as mine.

    I played many hours of Zork - but that was the original and was before there was an online community (1988 when I was stationed in Korea)!

    My first significant online ID was c1sg and that was from the early/mid 90's. I picked up usasma around 2000 and that's been me ever since.
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Attempting to repair
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