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W8 Consumer Preview will not go even to splash screen

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    W8 consumer preview

    W8 Consumer Preview will not go even to splash screen

    Hello, could you help me with this: I been using Windows 8 Consumer preview for several months. It was installed over Vista. Everything worked more than fine, untill about two weeks ago when I install AVG 2012. After that, I couldn't open any program from desktop. Did system restore, removed AVG and it worked again. But since I do trust AVG, yesterday I installed it again.
    This time however, system restore did work strangely, took long time telling me for almost 25 minutes that is fixing registry. It went on and on. Finally I turned computer hard way - with a switch. Today I can start it to the point when it goes through its initial sequence OK, it shows "booting fish" and there is as well
    rotating timer. Then it stops, screen remains black, however mouse pointer is visible and moving properly on the screen. That is as far as I can go. There is no splash screen for sign in.
    I'm not a young guy (76 year old) and even if I used computers for many years - since DOS 2.4 - I'm at lost what to do, to come up with finding some kind of working f solution. Please could anybody help me? Very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much in advance, Milda.

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    Windows 8 RP

    try to boot into safe mode, uninstall AVG, reboot normally and start to use another antivirus, like Avast! Free, for instance.
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    W8 consumer preview

    Thanks DM1, in my original post, I forgot to mention that I can not to go to safe mode, tried F8 and Shift+F8 - neither works.
    By the sound of hard drive everything seems (or sounds) as it used to be untill it should go to splash screen to sign in.
    As I said, just dark screen with oonly mouse pointer visible and corectly moving. Any idea?
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Lot's of issues with AVG and Win8 - I'd suggest staying away from it until it's proven stable.

    As for repairing your installation, there's not much that you can do if you can't get into Windows.
    Do you still have the installation disk so you can try Startup Repair?

    I don't know if this is possible, but I suspect that you can (this is from Win7):
    - boot to the installation DVD
    - select your Language, etc and click on "Next"
    - select "Repair this computer" in the lower left

    If you can't see these steps, at this point remove the DVD from your system and restart it - otherwise you'll start the reinstallation process (and may lose data).

    I'll try to remember to post back when I check this at work today (in a couple of hours) - but I'm 60 and I do get forgetful despite my young age! :0) Post a reply and it will notify me that you've read this. FYI - I can't reboot my own system because it's being used to configure an experimental "Windows To Go" installation
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Checked it at work - it works just like Win7 startup repair from the install disk.
    Only entry in the lower left corner is "Repair my computer"

    Good luck!
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    W8 consumer preview

    Thanks usama. My computer is Acer which I bought in Best Buy with Vista installed.
    I didn't get any install or repair disk. So i installed Win 8 over Vista and for months
    it worked as a charm. There was no program that would be rejected by 8 from those
    I had running on Vista. Then AVG comes along with their latest version, and problems
    are here.

    For some mysterious reason which I can't identify, there is no "Safe mode" boots.
    If I manage that safe mode, I might be in better position to fix it.

    So almost 99% certain, I try some repair shop, even if this could be a gamble.
    Not many (I think) repair people would have much knowledge about 8.

    Hopefully I find one and it won't cost a fortune to get it fixed. And properly.

    I will post how did I fare. Thanks, Milda
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I would suggest starting with these free hardware diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
    I'd also suggest contacting Acer for a set of Restore disks. Here's a link on how to get them (USA only): Order Recovery Discs (USA)

    To boot into Safe Mode in Win8 it's easiest to:
    - open an elevated (Run as adminsitrator) Command Prompt
    - type in "shutdown /r /o" (without the quotes)
    - press Enter

    This'll take you to the Advanced Boot options menu when you boot - and you can select Safe Mode from there.
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    W8 consumer preview

    Thank you, problem solved. It boots all the way. However Windows Explorer didn't work, but somehow with
    bit a luck, I brought it back as well.
    So knock woods, it is go...
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W8 Consumer Preview will not go even to splash screen
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