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Windows 8 freezing very often (5-10 times a day)

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    Windows 8 RP

    Windows 8 freezing very often (5-10 times a day)


    I realise there are lots of posts like these but I've tried updating lots of drivers but am not having any luck with stopping any of the freezing. I just recently installed Windows 8 RP straight from windows 7 (where I had no problems at all) but now it freezes every hour or so and it doesn't seem to be from overheating either, so I assume it is drivers or something similar.

    I used the log collector from the BSOD sticky thread to obtain the attached logs (hopefully this is what I am meant to do even though I didn't in fact get a BSOD) It has taken me about 10 minutes after it froze to get the event logger etc. so hopefully that hasn't made the log defunct, I don't really know how it works.

    The attached file is also missing the IEDiag cabinet file because it was too big to fit in an attachment on these forums.

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    windows 8 release preview with media center

    I have a very unique and hard to explain "fix"... When I play video using splayer the system does not crash, freeze or hang...ever. its really weird because I cant explain it but somehow compared to when I don't have splayer open it seems better. maybe you can try to duplicate it but it "works" for me so...
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Most of the common fixes can be found in this topic:

    Just to keep things in one topic:
    - play with video driver versions - both the latest available Win8 version from the chipset manufacturer:

    nVidia: World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA
    ATI: Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD

    and the original version that shipped (and was installed) when Win8 was first installed.

    Power states may play a part in this (2 suggestions):
    Originally Posted by RCOO
    Guys, try running a task on the background that uses the CPU. Someone in the forums mentioned that the freezes happen when the CPU enters the power saving mode.
    You can try disabling C-States if your bios allows it.

    Originally Posted by usasma
    Nice tip! DM1 offers this suggestion in several threads also (I took this quote from Windows 8 Freezes Randomly ):
    If you have no disable C-States option in the BIOS (most laptops don't) you can workaround by creating a new Custom Power Plan and set - as an advanced option - in the Processor Power Management Tab the minimum processor rate at 50-70% ( i set myself at 50%) and the maximum processor rate at the very same value! (50%-50% or 70%-70%).

    No crashes since then! Yes it takes from the processing power, but at least the system is stable.
    As i noticed here and on other forums, this is an Intel only problem.

    And finally the type of installation.
    I've seen a lot of installations that were "Upgrades" - and they have far more problems than the "clean" install.
    If yours is an upgrade install and you're having these problems:
    - backup your stuff
    - wipe the hard drive (format)
    - "clean" install Win8, letting Windows Update automatically install the necessary drivers.
    More info about clean install in this Win7Vista "canned speech": Canned Speeches
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    Windows 8 Release Preview

    Switching from google chrome to firefox so far stopped my PC from freezing all the time. Didn't believe it would help myself when i heard people suggesting it, but seems to have helped so far
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Windows 8 freezing very often (5-10 times a day)
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