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Random Freezes When Online

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    I am having the following problem. I am using Microsoft Outlook and I walk away from my computer for 10 minutes. When I come back the screen is frozen. The cursor slowly disappears and then nothing. I have to reboot. I do use Google Chrome but it has never happened with Chrome on. Only Outlook. Any thoughts?

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    jeiduson - please start your own topic/thread so that your issue can receive the individual attention that it deserves.

    Uninstall Chrome (while waiting for a reply) and see if that helps.
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    Windows 8

    Finally bit the bullet and tried the Hyper-V fix. Been up and running solid for the past two days with all the browsers running at the same time. Could barely get 10-15 minutes with just one running previously.
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    An official fix has apparently been posted, and Rafael has written about it.

    Here's the fix:

    Run the following in an elevated command prompt, then reboot.

    bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

    Be sure to read Rafael's blog post on the issue so you understand what the command does.

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Random Freezes When Online
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