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Frequent BSOD last 6 months, tried a lot of stuff :\

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    Frequent BSOD last 6 months, tried a lot of stuff :\

    Hello everyone, first i would like to say thank you for even reading this, i know your probably busy so thank you so much for attempting to help me.

    I built this computer years ago, ran great for the first couple years and about 6 months ago i've been having frequent BSODs with a couple different error codes each time. I've spent hours googling solutions, uninstalled a bunch of 3rd party drivers attempting to find the cause, switched out my new videocard back to my old gtx 275, updated video drivers, monitored my temps, cleaned out dust from my case, attempted to analyze the dump files myself using the windows debugging kit but I just can't figure this one out. I also ran the built in windows memory test and that passed but i do realize i should probably get a different memory tester and run that overnight sometime soon.

    The error codes consist of -

    • driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

    I hope we can figure this out, it's driving me crazy. I was considering doing a fresh install but i don't want to do that and then figure out i BSOD in windows 10 too :\

    I attached all of my logs using DM log collector. I've never had a computer problem that has bothered me for this long, i usually can use the internet and fix it myself but i'm so glad i found this forum.

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    Windows 8 premium 64 bit

    Another crash today :/ I attached the log.
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    Please use the DM Log Collector tool again to provide up to date necessary information about your system.
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Frequent BSOD last 6 months, tried a lot of stuff :\
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