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Random BSODs and Freezes since GPU change

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    Random BSODs and Freezes since GPU change

    On 6/28, I bought a gtx 970 GPU to replace my old r9 280. It BSOD'd every few minutes and artifacted everywhere, so I got 3 exchanges, finding ones that wouldn't artifact, but the last one was still BSODing. The errors were never the same. So, I saw there was a deal I could trade to an xfx r9 390 for free, so I did. Same random BSODs, and this remained true when I ran my old GPU. Every time I changed cards, I used DDU in safe mode and everything, and reinstalled the drivers many times. Eventually I posted on sevenforums (whoops :P) Seeming random BSOD's since GPU change - Windows 7 Help Forums and he led me to uninstall Avast! which helped a little with BSOD frequency, but now 3/4 of the time I start up, I freeze at the lock screen before the mouse even shows up, and I get similar freezes randomly while on my computer. Every time I get a lock screen freeze it takes 4 restarts. So, I still have BSODs and freezes, can you guys help?

    Edit: I forgot on the 4th restart, my CPU fan (the only one on Mobo control) spins at 100% until I go into aisuite to re-apply a fan profile.
    Also, running a prime95 stress test immediately crashes if 4+threads are used.
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    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    This information will be needed to analyse the dumps.
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Random BSODs and Freezes since GPU change
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