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BSOD whea_uncorrectable_error 0x124 Randomly/while gaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chummy View Post
    The temps are OK, you just forget to show another voltages from HWinfo which should stay below this last image, at Sensor Tab. There will be voltages like Vccin, vcore....

    But Vid already explain something about Vcore, maybe the chip is not too good to apply only 0,99v at 3.5ghz, but BIOS is feeding that voltage.

    Since Bios is updated, and if you dont pretend to set manual voltages to test, the only/best alternative is RMA the chip to see what they say.
    Hi again.

    Do I only need to increase Vcore? and what voltage to you recommend to test with?
    I have attached the second part of HWinfo. What do you think?

    Attachment 64013

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    That board is using too much CPU input voltage for a stock Vcore of 1.0v. CPU input voltage AKA VCCIN/VRIN is the voltage which feed CPU package, what include cpu vcore, cache and graphics. CPU Vcore is safe below 1.35v, while CPU input voltage should be around 0.4-0.6v above what is Vcore.

    CPU Input voltage/VRIN/VCCIN is fine around 1.5v to 1.9v.
    CPU core voltage/vcore is safe below 1.35v, if you put above 1.45v on Vcore by confusing Vcore with VCCIN you can damage/kill your chip.
    Uncore AKA Cache/Vring is safe below 1.25v.

    You can try just rising a bit the Vcore from 0.99 to 1.05v and decreasing the CPU Input voltage from 1.870v to something like 1.60v.

    Also Cache is a bit problematic sometimes and is a good thing to set Cache ratio at 35 and use 1.10v voltage for it to test.

    But see CPU's come with a VID which say to motherboard which voltage should be used as standard, since you chip/motherboard is not working properly in automatic this can be considered a bad chip or a BIOS problem.
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BSOD whea_uncorrectable_error 0x124 Randomly/while gaming.
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