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Windows 8 frequent freezing ... help!

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    Yup, I'd installed all those drivers on previous installations, nothing worked. Also, seems as though everything is compatible. I've booted into safe mode and everything seems okay, thought I can't do too much to stress test it in safe mode. I've run stress tests on all the hardware, so it doesn't seem like it's that.

    Also swapped out my GTX 560ti and replaced it with a GTX 560, the only thing that froze then was the keyboard (good old Logitech G15's lol). However, I put the 560 ti in my other system running Windows 8 and i7 860 and it lost power and crashed reasonably soon after putting it in. Did furmark testing on the video card, and it seemed to be fine though. Possibly a problem with Windows 8 and the GTX 560ti?

    Perhaps I'll try putting Windows 7 on the other computer and see if it still crashes with the 560ti.

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    Eeep, spoke too soon! Just had a crash with my main comp with the GTX 560 in it, so probably nothing to do with the other video card *sigh*.
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    You said the system worked OK in safe mode.
    In safe mode, the system uses basic video only.
    Curious, any issues running 8 with no graphics card?

    You have an excellent system.
    You can easily run at full resolution without a graphics card (for now temporary)
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    It did work okay in safe mode, well it seemed to. Usually it's when I'm using chrome (or IE) or using Photoshop that it crashes. It crashed with both the 560ti and the normal 560 in. It seemed to work okay with no graphics card in there though. I couldn't use photoshop using only the motherboard graphics, so I had to put the 560ti back in after a while. Considering going back to Windows 7 for a while, though I really like Windows 8 ... well, if it didn't crash on me all the time
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    Hey tamara17, try uninstalling chipset drivers and delete it from device manager, install nvidia geforce 301.42 driver(win 7 driver), delete and clean with "driver sweeper" leave it on default win 8 drivers, also delete realtek driver(not sure about it), i did it and now my system uptime is 7 h. so far so good, dunno how it will be later, if "pink screen of death " happens you have to disable gpu acceleration in IE, till we can find out better solution. hope this helps, also you can take a look to my thread, i will be updating it

    btw i have similar system to yours. i5-2500k & asus geforce gtx 560 ti, 8gb ram, msi p67s-c43 motherboard. thats why im telling you this
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    Hi Simply. Just curious if you've had any more freezes now since doing the above? I just got the pink screen for the first time, though it hadn't frozen for a day or so before that ... which is a change :P
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    Windows 8 RP

    No, I complete got rid of freezes and pink screens, win 8 rp looks stable now, check my thread, there's a conclusion to what I did, maybe it will help I made a few changes since I posted here:P
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    I tried everything you suggested, but it's unfortunately still freezing The realtek lan drivers have been uninstalled ... did you uninstall the audio drivers as well?

    I've posted the crash log below if anyone can find anything that might be helpful to me? This is seriously driving me bonkers!
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    My solution is for laptops, it seems. I'll paste it once again:

    If you have no disable C-States option in the BIOS (most laptops don't) you can workaround by creating a new Custom Power Plan and set - as an advanced option - in the Processor Power Management Tab the minimum processor rate at 50-70% ( i set myself at 50%) and the maximum processor rate at the very same value! (50%-50% or 70%-70%).

    No crashes since then! Yes it takes from the processing power, but at least the system is stable.
    As i noticed here and on other forums, this is an Intel only problem.

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    Tried the above, still freezing
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Windows 8 frequent freezing ... help!
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