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if in interprete right, i'm posting about a virus

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    ] i got with a virus and need help. read below

    and it's a bad one. this is the 4th time I've tried to get and stay here. it moves me from one web site to another, or shutdown and restart the web site several times, and it may even be effecting my email. after being scanned several times by my anti-virus, MacAfee total protection, it says there is nothing wrong. now is there a safe way for me to get into the PC to try to find this thing? maybe you guys can help more if you knew what it was. if something looks out of place I can try to place screen shots photos.
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    ]]ill will tell me how (see the mis-spelling of that first ,word that is the virus doing that "will" was the right word) I gave trying to keep up wtin spelling, tell me how to delete this thread? ]this thing is so bad that nobody can help unless they had hands un .
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    someone on another website told me about turbo, it was also mentioned and recommended somewhere here, even provided the link to the turbo website. and that was what did it. I don't know what the bug was, but at the time turbo offered a free scan of the computer and would remove any unwanted software. so the virus was gone so I marked this one as solved because it was.
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if in interprete right, i'm posting about a virus
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