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    Yesterday I updated my computer via windows update. After updating, a few hours or so, I played some GTA, when I closed the game I received this error. I again opened the game to replicate the issue but it did not reoccur. Although that's unsurprising bsods rarely adhere to pattens.

    Just as a note I've not had a bsod in a few years, so I'm fairly sure the update has had an argument with something.

    Any help greatly appreciated, thank-you.
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    Hi Russs & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

    I have analysed your dump files and below has been provided an analysis of the same for informative purposes :-

    Arg1: 0000000000000000, Object type of the object whose reference count is being lowered
    Arg2: fffffa800a684ec0, Object whose reference count is being lowered
    Arg3: 0000000000000002, Reserved
    Arg4: ffffffffffffffff, Reserved
    The reference count of an object is illegal for the current state of the object. Each time a driver uses a pointer to an object the driver calls a kernel routine to increment the reference count of the object. When the driver is done with the pointer the driver calls another kernel routine to decrement the reference count. Drivers must match calls to the increment and decrement routines. This bugcheck can occur because an object's reference count goes to zero while there are still open handles to the object, in which case the fourth parameter indicates the number of opened handles. It may also occur when the object’s reference count drops below zero whether or not there are open handles to the object, and in that case the fourth parameter contains the actual value of the pointer references count.

    Below is a list of 3rd party drivers present on your system -
    **************************Thu Jun  4 02:23:41.458 2015 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
    HtcVComV64.sys              Mon Oct 26 19:29:01 2009 (4AE5AB25)
    LGBusEnum.sys               Tue Nov 24 07:06:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
    LGVirHid.sys                Tue Nov 24 07:06:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
    tap0901.sys                 Fri Nov 25 00:20:27 2011 (4ECE91F3)
    athrx.sys                   Thu Mar 22 08:56:22 2012 (4F6A9BDE)
    GEARAspiWDM.sys             Fri May  4 01:26:17 2012 (4FA2E2E1)
    AsIO.sys                    Wed Aug 22 15:24:47 2012 (5034AC67)
    intelppm.sys                Tue Nov  6 09:25:02 2012 (50988A16)
    au630x64.sys                Thu Mar 14 15:14:07 2013 (51419BE7)
    LHidEqd.Sys                 Thu May 23 11:39:49 2013 (519DB2AD)
    LEqdUsb.Sys                 Thu May 23 11:39:50 2013 (519DB2AE)
    LHidFilt.Sys                Thu May 23 11:40:00 2013 (519DB2B8)
    LGSHidFilt.Sys              Thu May 30 20:46:33 2013 (51A76D51)
    AtihdW86.sys                Fri Dec 20 08:46:18 2013 (52B3B682)
    AMDACPKSL.SYS               Fri Dec 20 08:46:21 2013 (52B3B685)
    atikmpag.sys                Fri Apr 18 06:37:07 2014 (53507ABB)
    atikmdag.sys                Fri Apr 18 07:43:16 2014 (53508A3C)
    RTKVHD64.sys                Wed May 14 15:58:52 2014 (53734564)
    aswHwid.sys                 Thu Jun 26 17:01:26 2014 (53AC048E)
    aswMonFlt.sys               Thu Jun 26 17:02:51 2014 (53AC04E3)
    aswRdr2.sys                 Thu Jun 26 17:03:28 2014 (53AC0508)
    aswRvrt.sys                 Thu Jun 26 17:05:39 2014 (53AC058B)
    aswVmm.sys                  Thu Jun 26 17:05:49 2014 (53AC0595)
    aswStm.sys                  Thu Jun 26 17:17:09 2014 (53AC083D)
    aswSP.sys                   Wed Jul  2 23:08:12 2014 (53B44384)
    aswSnx.sys                  Fri Nov 21 19:45:50 2014 (546F4916)

    Kindly follow the below points -

    1. Please rename the driver "ASIO.sys" by doing a system wide search and then renaming it. If you have any ASUS Bloatware installed, kindly remove it as well since it is known to cause problems.
    2. If you have not installed lots of updates yesterday, you could try uninstalling the recent ones and see if the problem is still there or not.
    3. In case you still face the problem, kindly turn on Driver Verifier according to this **GUIDE** and then let it crash your system for a few times. Once you have seen some crashes, disable it and re-run the Diagnostic Utility and upload the freshly generated ZIP File.

    Although that's unsurprising bsods rarely adhere to pattens.

    That is not true. There are lots of patterns out there. Even if you are getting a very random bug check code, that is a very good indicator of a lower level/hardware problem

    Let me know how it goes ^_^

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    Hello, friends. I've got the same error when closing GTAV. Can you analize mine dump too?

    OS - Windows 8.1
    Video - Radeon R9 280x
    Driver - Catalyst 15.5 Beta for GTAV
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    Quote Originally Posted by psykeed View Post
    Hello, friends. I've got the same error when closing GTAV. Can you analize mine dump too?

    OS - Windows 8.1
    Video - Radeon R9 280x
    Driver - Catalyst 15.5 Beta for GTAV
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    Please create your own topic.
    The BSOD forum will be unclear when everybody post in others topic.
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