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PC freezes/crashes ingame, HW failing

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    PC freezes/crashes ingame, HW failing


    for last two months, I've been getting occasionally crashes on my Windows 7. You can read whole history here. Week ago, my graphic card didn't start. The fans were working, but no display on screen. So I've lost first 100-150eur (HD7950 3GB) and replaced with Gigabyte R9 280X for another 223eur. However, crashes continued so I decided to reinstall Windows to 8.1Pro, and this time I bought it. Before reinstallation i disconnected two non-system disks, after installation I reconnected them, but only one appeared in BIOS. It turned out second disk is not responding, freezes PC BIOS on other computers. I'll just mention on that disk I had like 17years of photos and data stored there are very valuable for me, not mentioning cost of new HDD (60eur). Now I have disk in data recovery service where the pricetag for recovery is approx 200eur.

    Guess what, I reinstalled Windows and still crashes! Never happened in desktop, but only when I play some GPU demanding game... game freezes or gives BSOD and only option is to hard reset/turn off PC. I'm quite bad with my mood now, been working with PCs since childhood and I can't explain or understand what's going on. I'm looking to you to help me identify the problem causing this. If it's not system, drivers, it could be the PSU but more likely the motherboard went dead (ASUS P8P67Pro B3rev). Causing the whole PC to fall apart. What do you think? I'm attaching diagnostics files.

    Thank you

    Costs so far:
    Sapphire HD7950 3GB (went dead) - approx 125eur
    Gigabyte r9 280X (replacement)- 223eur
    HDD drive Hitachi (went dead+replacement) - 60eur
    HDD data recovery - 200eur

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    Nobody any ideas?
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    Please close this thread, not solved, but outdated. Thanks
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PC freezes/crashes ingame, HW failing
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