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Windows settings temporarily stored somewhere?

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    windows 8 64 bit

    Windows settings temporarily stored somewhere?

    I'm trying to diagnose freezing (lock-up) while using photoshop, lightroom or sometimes when idle after startup.
    After a lockup it's like my pc jumps back in time a few hours. eg. files that I've deleted come back from the recycle bin, and my desktop icons also rearrange themselves back to the (default) left of the screen.
    I had the icons arranged the way I wanted them eg, audio/video shortcuts on top of the screen, programs on the right etc.

    Things I've tried:
    I don't have system restore turned on so it's not that..
    swapped ram (same thing)

    loads of virus scans
    prime 95 runs fine
    created a different user account
    reinstalled PS and LR and cleared caches, etc
    all updates installed
    temps are fine 30-40 deg at a lockup
    can play games just fine eg, GTA V
    reinstalled all usb and MB drivers
    same on W8 and W10
    I've probably tried more that I can't think of..

    Once I got a Watchdog BSOD with
    0x00000101 (0x0000000000000018, 0x0000000000000000, 0xffffd000acbbc180, 0x0000000000000001)
    But I think I may have been overclocked at the time. Same kind of lock-up except accompanied by the bsod. Not OC'd anymore. I can browse, watch videos all day and everything is fine.

    Does Windows temporarily store settings somewhere before writing them to disk? pagefile or in ram or something maybe? might give a clue as to whats happening..

    FX8350, 8gb ram, 2x970s, 2 ssd's and a hdd. W8.1 (and 10 sometimes), 4k 28" monitor.

    Except for the odd freeze at startup it's just the adobe programs..

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    On below link you can download an application which will tell you if any drivers are slow:
    NOTE: no Administrator approval is required and application is signed by trusted publisher
    DPC Latency Checker

    when you ran this tool make sure there are no red bars present and look for message in the tool.
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    windows 8 64 bit

    Ah yes I remember that program now.. I used it before when my audio was skipping. I'll give it a go there, nice one..
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    windows 8 64 bit

    hmm.. this time with DPC and lightroom running: Lightroom went unresponsive but no freezeup. I got a KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.. seems to be related to ram or pagefile. Since my ram is fine I'm thinking it might be something to do with my pagefile.

    Looks like DPC kept the pc from freezing long enough to give me a BSOD but it didn't save a logfile.

    Come to think of it.. When I added the 2TB internal storage HDD E:\ I formatted it with an allocation size of 64KB instead of the default. My ssd's are 4KB I'm wondering if this has something to do with it? Not an expert in this area by any means..
    Might do a chkdsk there and put my pagefile on my E drive and see if it makes a difference..
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    I think 4KB is default for NTFS and system partition.
    What are the results of DPC watcher? any high red bars?

    Without dump files to direct us somewhere we can only guess and try several options with questionable results.
    see this for default allocation size:
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    windows 8 64 bit

    DPC is telling me that its running pretty constant at 1000um that's 1ms right?
    When Lightroom is running I get a few red spikes into 2000um and 4000um, but that seems ok right? Might download and run latencymon tomorrow.. if I remember correctly it has more info on drivers and kernel etc.

    chkdsk for C came back fine.. gonna run it on E there now for the laugh.. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijoe50000 View Post
    DPC is telling me that its running pretty constant at 1000um that's 1ms right?
    When Lightroom is running I get a few red spikes into 2000um and 4000um, but that seems ok right?
    I think the 'u' sign stands for "micro"
    What is lightroom?

    4000 "us" is already into "red" area, you can figure out who is jumping to high by using performance monitor too, found in Windows SDK.
    Have you installed anything recently? any program not signed? or drivers? or something like that?

    You can also perform memory test, but that's just guessing since we have no dump files.
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    windows 8 64 bit

    Yea 'u' or mu, greek letter means 10^-6. Lightroom is basically Photoshop but more for photo adjustment. As opposed to Photoshopping as the internet knows it.
    I was thinking a few 4000s was ok becasue LR is fairly resource intensive. But before starting up LR it was in the yellow constantly.

    Anyway I'm running latencymon right now (great program) and it's telling me that NDIS.sys and USBPORT.sys are the top of the latency list at 1.8ms and 1.2ms everything else is well below 1ms. I've a wireless mouse and wifi so they might have something to do with it..
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Windows settings temporarily stored somewhere?
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