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Multiple BOSD with new PC after 2 months of use.

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    Multiple BSOD with new PC after 2 months of use.

    Dear Forum,

    I have found this website which seems to of helped a number of users with many issues and I am hoping I could be another...

    My PC was purchased around two months ago from UKGC, it's a custom build as I haven't the time these days to build myself ... so I'll note the parts before I continue:

    1. CPU - Intel Core i7 5820K Extreme 3.3Ghz 6 Core
    2. GPU - Nvidia GTX 980 4GB
    3. PSU - Corsair RM750 750W Fully Modular
    4. RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2666Ghz
    5. MOBO - Asus 2011-V3 X99-S
    6. Cooler - Corsair H60 Water Cooling System
    7. SSD - Samsung 500GB 840 Evo Solid State Drive
    8. HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD 7200rpm 64MB Cache
    9. OS - Win 8.1

    Up until a week ago my PC was running great with almost no issues at all (The only small issue was my second hard drive sometimes disconnected for no reason). I cannot be specific but one day I had multiple driver fails from my GPU, sadly cannot remember what they said, could of said something like kernel driver... but that would be a guess.

    Since then I thought my issue was driver related so I quickly downloaded the latest driver from Nvidia, the GTA 5 Update, I believe it was called to my PC to solve.

    However this did not fix the issue and instead seemed to only make the issue much, much worse.

    DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION - that was my first BOSD error code and this happened many times. I also suffered crashes on logging in, screen freezes and artefacts on my screen. Since I have don't 4 fresh windows installs to solve the issue - but failed.

    VIDEO_TDR FAILURE (nvlddmkm.sys) - On returning from a weekend away I thought, before sending this off for RMA and having to pay out an unfair amount of cash to do so, I would see if a few days settled up and turned off had fixed it. I must admit I vastly got my hopes up when, for the best part of 3 hoours it was up and running with no issues at all, it even let me install a game. Sigh... When it came to play the game it got the new error BSOD and mentioned above and I am back to my original issue.

    I am a very desperate gamer who would very much love some ones views, and or help with this, if you have the spare time?

    Best Wishes

    NB: I have attached everything I believe is needed but please let me know if I have missed anything at all.

    UPDATE 1) I have a picture of another error I am getting too incase it may help.Attachment 61162
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    Your dump file is also about nvidia driver.

    There seem to be some "stability" and driver updates on Asus website, you can start by updating your system:
    Motherboards | X99-S | ASUS Global
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    Here is a simple step to verify is your drivers work as they should:

    The DPC watchdog detected a prolonged run time at an IRQL of DISPATCH_LEVEL
    Here is a link to utility which you can download and run:
    DPC Latency Checker download

    Run this tool and monitor activity, you do not want to see any red colored bars, (green and yellow is OK)
    Here is an example showing stable system:

    Attachment 61163

    Share results when done, and possibly share screenshot in case if you see red bars.
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    Hi again and thank you for both replies so quickly. I just tried the first suggestion and updated my bios - sadly I am not 100% sure but I think it's now worse, but with a different Kernel error from my GPU it would seem. No BSOD as of yet, just locking up, freezing and driver crashes.

    I will get start your second suggestion first thing in the morning and share the results, thank you again for the fast response.

    Best wishes
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    You can also start into safe mode to see if that makes your system stable:
    Start your computer in safe mode - Windows Help
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    I have tried that, it runs beautifully in safemode, however as soon as I boot normal all issues resume as before sadly.
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    That's good, share your DPC results ( in normal mode ) to see if any drivers behave odd.
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    That's what I thought - the place who built it for me are adamant it's going to be a hardware fault, however, I am not so sure....

    Thanks again and I'll post those results first thing in morning for review
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    Please find attached screenshots from DPC checker.
    Attachment 61174
    Attachment 61175
    Attachment 61176
    Attachment 61177
    Attachment 61178
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    And a secondary minor driver crash happens shortly after

    Attachment 61179
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Multiple BOSD with new PC after 2 months of use.
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