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BSOD is getting worst even when I start open dota2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Addictive Gamer View Post
    Ok, maybe I missed something but there are only 2 drivers that look suspicious:

    // Apple
    // ??
    C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Temp\\cpuz138\cpuz138_x64.sys
    // Microsoft
    I don't think any of the above Microsoft drivers would cause troubles, so put apple driver and the other one to the list:

    1. Right click on start button and click on Command prompt (Admin)
    2. type verifier and hit enter
    3. choose "Standard Settings" and click next
    4. choose "Select driver names from the list" and click next
    5. find usbaapl64 in the list and enable check button for that driver.
    6. find cpuz138_x64.sys in the list and enable check button for that driver.
    6. click finish and reboot PC

    If any of the above 2 drivers try to cause troubles they will be reported.

    At this point you can start slowly adding stuff back, that is enabling everything that clean boot disabled, as you add stuff back run quick prime95 test from time to time, that's the best way to find out what's causing troubles
    usbaapl64 able to add in the list but cpuz138 unable to find in the list, even I look into the driver file also not in there.
    But my PC now not getting any BSOD when I play dota2 and run prime95 .

    Thanks you so much Addictive Gamer

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    That great dude!

    Glad I could help.
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    Hi again,

    Problem still arise when I try playing game. Could it be graphic card driver or graphic card problem? Please help
    Attached with latest dmp file.
    Attachment 67440
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BSOD is getting worst even when I start open dota2
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