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BSOD (KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR) on waking from sleep.

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    BSOD while waking this evening.

    With the latency checker running, I disabled everything under Network adapters: 2 Bluetooth devices, the Broadcom, the Realtek, and 8 WAN Miniports. I didn't notice any difference.

    My problem is that I don't really know what else to try. I did try the printer, however. It's an HP Officejet Pro L7600. Not a new printer.

    Disabling the device seemed to reduce the red bars a bit, to maybe one every 60 seconds when the computer was left alone. It still gave a flurry of red bars when it was in use, however.

    I experimented by turning the printer off and back on. As the printer was coming back on, I got lot of red bars. After it had finished it's warmup, the pattern settled down to 5 yellow bars followed by 2 red ones. That continued until I noticed that the printer was displaying a low message. When I cleared that, the latency checker immediately went back to the 1 bar every 45 seconds or so. The printer was "disabled" the entire time. So maybe the printer driver is a problem. I think we got the first BSOD before the printer was installed, though, so maybe it's just stimulating something else.

    I ran the Performance Monitor while getting the red bars with the printer disabled.
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    I would need to have this trace log here to see myself for other processes that might interfere with ndis and netbt drivers.
    this latency as shown is far too high.
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    Is there a way to send to you directly? I'm not too keen on posting here in the thread.
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    sorry for delay,
    I'm not able to find any pattern but here are few "suspicious" that could make a difference.

    1. Disable google crash handler ( I think it can be done in browser settings )

    2. Disable office services such as click to run ( not sure where to disable )
    - some are found in services other in task scheduler.

    both can be found in:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools

    Try disconnecting any USB attached device.
    Try to disable NETBIOS in:
    Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
    right click adapter > properties > double click on Internet protocol v4 > Advanced ... and disable netbios under WINS tab.
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    As far as I could tell, closing all the Google processes had no effect.

    I couldn't figure out how to disable the NETBIOS.

    I do think that USB is a likely problem. The printer is USB as is the new backup drive. However so are my keyboard and mouse, and I'm concerned about leaving the computer in an non-working configuration.

    I sent a new file via tutanota.
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    I'm not sure any more, we are shooting into the dark. trace log is the same as before but worse.
    Microsoft network drivers running too high, and what causes them I have no clue.
    there is no single manufacturer's driver running bad directly^^

    As fo NETBIOS, I missed one detail in post above, under:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center
    you need to click on "change adapter settings" and then do the rest as told above.
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    I'm resigned to having to refresh the machine, but I have to pick a time when it doesn't upset the household more than necessary.

    Edit: I tried disabling the netbios on the Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet, and saw no difference.
    I've turned on everything that I turned off for the clean boot, and I'm going to send you one more .etl file. Just because. I appreciate your help, and I don't want to wear you out with it. We're getting pretty close to punt time.
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    Check out the image. I've hardly ever seen a green bar before. Watching for 5 minutes or more, I saw 1 red bar, even when doing things that caused a flurry of red bars before like moving the mouse or turning the printer on and off.

    I'm not sure what could have caused the change. I had turned off a bunch of stuff which I turned back on earlier, but that didn't cause an immediate change in the latency detector. I was trying to run a video and there was no sound. I was offered "trouble shoot the problem" and it discovered a sound card was off, and turned it on. Who knows if it did something else too.

    I have not put any new hardware in the box, but I do have a pair of Creative speakers which were an add on.
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    This last one as well as the image above looks much better, with USB xHCI Compliant Host Controller being on top of the list, which was on 3rd place before.

    Maybe generating a power report could tell something more about USB devices:
    press: + X
    select Command prompt (Admin)
    cd \
    powercfg /energy

    this will place a HTML report into C drive, zip the file and attach it here.

    Additionally you can try to schedule PC to go to sleep in:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options

    and also dettaching USB devices before sleep (including mouse, keyboard ...) leaving only one for interaction.
    and see what happens without any USB device attached.
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    Naturally, the PC crashed a couple hours after I posted the image with the green bars, and the latency went back to the previous standard.

    Have not done the sleep study yet.

    Edit: Kaspersky may have been scanning during the energy report.
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