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Disks at 100% usage, lots of bluecreens

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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

    Disks at 100% usage, lots of bluecreens

    Hey guys, these are my specs (as much as I can remember)

    • Intel i5 2.7 Ghz
      Asus GTX 750ti
      8gb Kingston value ram
      512gb hard drive
      2tb hard drive
      Can't remember motherboard model sorry
      OS: Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit

    So I built my PC 3 years ago or so, I have had no issues in the past. I recently upgraded from a 550ti to a 750ti about 3 months ago but that didn't seem to cause any issues.

    Anyway, I booted up my computer this morning, it seemed a bit slow, but I launched a couple of programs and got to work. After about 10 minutes or so, I got a bluescreen for the first time. I didn't manage to catch the error. When I booted it back up it got to the log in screen, where it proceeded to crash again. Subsequent reboots resulted in being stuck at the boot screen, stuck at loading OS and crashing once getting to the log in screen.

    These are the errors I managed to get:


    After several tries I managed to get to the desktop where I got a look at the task manager, which showed that both my disks were running at 100% for about a minute before I crashed again.

    I am presuming that this has something to do with the issue, but I am at a loss at how to resolve it.

    Thanks in advance

    I managed to get to the desktop again and I found out that the windows harddrive is at 100% to begin with an the other one spiked up after about 30 seconds. It seems that an NVidia program was using most of the non windows disk while various windows related programs were causing the windows disk to be at 100%, it then proceeded to crash again.

    I am unable to get the log files as my computer will no longer go to the desktop

    More error codes I've had:


      My System SpecsSystem Spec

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    Windows 8.1 Industry Pro B-)

    Hi Joegernaut ^_^,

    I am really sorry for the delayed response . There are not many analysts around and hence the delay. Do you still require help with this problem? If yes, then kindly respond to this thread and I would be notified via email about your reply. I will also try my best to reply within 48 hours.

      My System SpecsSystem Spec

Disks at 100% usage, lots of bluecreens
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