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BSOD out of no where while just browsing the internet,etc?

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    Windows 8.1

    BSOD out of no where Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error

    I keep getting the BSOD saying Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error the most but Ive also had a few others as well (post links to pics of them all)

    So like the title says these happen when Im just browsing the internet, I may be watching youtube videos or on netflix but it keeps happening and its beginning to be a daily thing now which is not good.

    So usually ill be on IMVU and Firefox and Ill get this screen at some point : Attachment 60389

    At first I thought maybe it was my Hard drive failing but I've run system diagnostics AND DiskCheckup and they have both confirmed that my Hard drive is okay.

    The only other possibility I can think of is that its my memory, which I haven't tested yet. As far as the minidumps, windows 8 doesnt seem to want to create them even though its configured to, because I went into the settings and did it myself. There isnt even a "Minidump" folder in my windows folder.

    Here are my specs if they are of any relevance:

    Processor Brand AMD
    Processor AMD FX-Series 4130 Quad-core Processor and the slot is PCI-E 2.0 X16 (full bandwith)
    Processor Speed 3.6GHz (with Turbo CORE up to 3.8GHz)
    Cache Memory 4MB on die Level 2
    System Memory (RAM) 8GB
    System Memory (RAM) Expandable To 32GB
    Type of Memory (RAM) DDR3 SDRAM
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6670
    Video Memory 1GB (dedicated)
    Audio 7.1-channel high-definition
    Available Expansion Slots 1 PCI Express x1
    Operating System Platform Windows
    Operating System Windows 8
    HDMI Output Yes
    Graphics Chip AMD/ATI
    Drive Capacity 1TB
    Discrete Graphics Yes
    Gaming Series Yes
    Hard Drive Size 1TB
    Hard Drive Type SATA II (7200 rpm)
    Power Supply: LS Ultra 500W ATX Power Supply

    Here are the other BSODs Ive had, as they may help figure out whats up with my Pc. Thanks in advance!

    Attachment 60390Attachment 60391Attachment 60392

    UPDATE: I have run Chkdsk AND the memory diagnostic tool for my pc and both came back okay, neither of them highlighted any problems with my HDD or RAM so idk whats happening. I have the Chkdsk log if anyone wants to see it and so far (the chkdsk test finished this morning) I havent crashed with a bsod so ill keep this post updated.
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    Windows 8.1

    Bump. Cmon guys I need help, are these forums dead?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherEye View Post
    Bump. Cmon guys I need help, are these forums dead?
    Hi Brothereye & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

    I know you want your issue resolved as soon as possible but please do note that there are very few BSOD analysts. Furthermore, there are several people who have posted before you for help.

    You might think that bumping the topic helps you but please do note that we filter out the threads with 0 responses and once you reply or bump the topic, it seems as if someone is helping you out.

    As of now, kindly post in the below thread so that we don't forget about this thread. I will reply to this tomorrow.

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BSOD out of no where while just browsing the internet,etc?
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