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New mobo installation, now crashes when waking from sleep

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    Guernsey, C.I., U.K.
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    Yes it could be, I re-used the same RAM (after checking it was compatible) when I upgraded the motherboard and although it worked fine in my previous (Gigabyte) board, I was aware that I was using quad channel RAM in dual channel slots because I when the time came to purchase the RAM when I first built my PC this was all I could find.
    Also, although Mem Test 86 (version 4) ran smoothly for hours with no errors, when I tried Mem Test 86+ it froze after 6 minutes (see picture.) I will try running it again. Attachment 58478

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    Please test ONE STICK AT A TIME for at least EIGHT passes.
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    It looks like it is moving memory around on this particular test.
    To be honest though, if memtest ever freezes then it's almost always bad RAM.
    Can you RMA the RAM?
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    Guernsey, C.I., U.K.
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    Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro with Media Centre

    Sorry there are some menus in Mem Test 86+ which I don't understand and couldn't find sufficient information when I Googled. How do I set Mem Test up to test one stick at a time for 8 passes?
    By the way I am about to see if I have fixed the problem by creating the "Hibernate" option in the Windows 8 shutdown menu. this would serve my purposes just as well as the "Sleep" option, if it works.
    Hey I fixed it! I had to reassign the mouse button so it could wake the computer from sleep. Both Sleep and Hibernate work now. I was trying to wake the computer from Sleep by pressing the power button but I discovered the power button is set in Power Management to turn the computer off. Then it was restarting because it was trying to revert from Sleep. Thanks for your help guys.
    Also discovered a loose RAM stick (now fixed) and some redundant case fan cables so had a good ole' tidy up 'n' fix-it session!
    Finally since I am left handed I am also experimenting with reversing the mouse buttons. Always used a right-handed mouse previously but trying it a new way now.

    By the way, here is the first screen shot from the Mem Test 86 4.x try.
    Attachment 58482
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New mobo installation, now crashes when waking from sleep
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